Psystar announces OpenServ server with Mac OS X Leopard Server

Psystar, who, believe it or not, have taken to calling themselves, “the leading provider of Mac-compatible computers,” as if Apple doesn’t exist, has announced the release of the OpenServ.

According to Psystar, the OpenServ is capable of running practically any server software, ranging from Linux, Windows, to Mac OS X Leopard Server.

The OpenServ comes with a variety of choices, stemming from a single Xeon 2.5Ghz quad-core E5420 processor to Dual Xeon 2.66Ghz quad-core E5430 processors. It is available with anywhere between 4GB and 16GB of fully buffered DDR2 RAM, plus the OpenServ offers up to 6 drive bays on tool-less rails, in a rackmount form factor. The OpenServ is available in two varieties: the 1u version (referred to as the 1100) and the 2u version (2400).

According to Psystar, “the bare bones quad-core Apple Xserve costs up to $2,949, while a similarly configured Pystar OpenServ is available in a comparable stripped down form for just $1,599.”

See the OpenServ models here.

Source: Psystar


  1. “the leading provider of Mac-compatible computers,”
    They are right about this since Apple computers are real Macs, not just Mac compatibles. Sadly if Apple doesn’t pull their head out and make an inexpensive headless mac with a video slot, Psystar will probably be selling me my next computer.

  2. I agree with you “Think”, has been a god send for our business. A Mac mini is less expensive than this “Openserv”, it’s officially supported, and it works great. Just throw an external hard drive on there and you’re set.

  3. Psystar is digging a hole they can’t even comprehend. They will hit rock bottom, look up and realize they have buried themselves like no other. I should know. I dig holes like this with women ALL THE TIME.

  4. I have to say, I hope Apple sues ‘psystar’ into complete oblivion. Using someone else’s property and ideas (OS X) shows not only is psystar completely unimaginative (why not use the infinitely customizable Linux?), but thinks it has some moral ‘right’ to profit from someone else’s years of hard work.

    If Steve Jobs is Hank Rearden, then psystar is apparently a company full of James Taggarts – looters to the core…

  5. Oh, and does anyone else spot the irony of MDN doing their advertising for them in the Mac community..?

    “We’ve just received this tape from an Islamist web site, we think it could be a secret communication to Al Qaeda sleeper cells. Let’s watch…”

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