Forbes today offers “A Brief History Of Tech CEO Apologies” which features Steve Jobs’ “Apple’s iPhone Discount” which Forbes’ awards Jobs’ handling of the apology a grade of “A+.”

Andy Greenberg reports, “In September, Steve Jobs slashed the price of the recently released iPhone by $200. Good news for consumers–except those who had already paid up $600 for the phone. Hundreds of those customers, who had waited in line for hours to buy Apple’s wonder-gadget at the steeper price, sent angry e-mails to Jobs. Jobs responded less than a day later. Writing in a statement on Apple’s Web site that he’d read every e-mail, he apologized and offered a $100 coupon to all iPhone owners. That solution, says Randy Pitzer, a technology public relations specialist with Edelman, was a master stroke: ‘Essentially he turned a crisis into an opportunity to bring more customers into Apple’s stores'”

Full article here.

Or maybe it was planned all along.