Apple iPhone dominated Google in 2007

“We’re bidding adieu to 2007 with a look back at the breaking news, the big events and the must-have gadgets that captivated us this year (give or take a few weeks; we compile this list by early December). To get a glimpse of what’s been on our collective consciousness, we mined billions of search queries to discover what sorts of things rose to the top,” says Google’s 2007 Year-End Zeitgeist report.

Google’s Fastest Rising (global)
1. iphone
2. badoo
3. facebook
4. dailymotion
5. webkinz
6. youtube
7. ebuddy
8. second life
9. hi5
10. club penguin

Google’s Fastest Rising (U.S.)
1. iphone
2. webkinz
3. tmz
4. transformers
5. youtube
6. club penguin
7. myspace
8. heroes
9. facebook
10. anna nicole smith

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  1. Since the writers are still on strike, here’s a reality show plot line the TV execs can use from the list of top TV show searches:

    Our heroes lost their house for 24 bones. Meanwhile in Jericho, Reba scrubs her Greek caveman.

    (They’ve done worse.)

  2. peaPod,
    I agree. I am flabbergasted that Anna Nicole Smith made the list but the World Trade Federation did not.

    The outrage!

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