RUMOR: Apple to pull plug on Mac mini

Apple Store“Even while at the top of its game, Apple Inc. can seemingly find faults with just about anything, including a bit of itself. The Mac maker is constantly evaluating the market segments in which it wishes to participate and those which it does not. It’s an application of love-hate methodology that inevitably produces its share of casualties,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider.

“Take, for instance, the firm’s petite line of headless desktop computers known as Mac minis. They retail between $599 and $799, catering to the once critical sub-$800 PC market,” Jade reports.

Jade reports, “…It comes as little surprise that sources, for whom AppleInsider holds the utmost respect, are now pointing towards the mini’s impending demise. For it’s according to those people that the miniature Mac will soon follow in the wake of its similarly-proportioned counterparts of years past: the PowerBook 2400, the PowerMac G4 Cube, and, most recently, the 12-inch PowerBook.”

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  1. That would definitely be a mistake unless they plan on introducing an entry level iMac in the $799 range or something to replace the Mac mini. The mini would be selling much better than it is if Apple weren’t just letting it die on the vine like they have been. I personally know of several switchers that would still have Windows only PCs today if it were not for the Mac mini.

  2. This sucks. I suspect it has more to do with Apple TV than the Mac mini. A lot of people would rather a Mac Mini as their media centre.

    The Apple TV is closed though, so other companies cannot write software for it and use it as part of a solution for customers who don’t want a big box.

  3. Apple never understood the promise of the Mac mini, which is totally obvious by the outrageous prices they’re charging for the Mac mini for the next-to-nothingness that you get for them! People WANT to buy the mac mini in droves, but it’s too expensive & underpowered. Apple needs a low-cost machine and this is it, but Apple just doesn’t value it.

  4. I don’t think that AlGore wields that much influence over Apple’s product line. He has too many other irons in the fire (like figuring out how to spin blowing scads of kilowatt hours on cooling his mansion and then lecturing us on our horrible energy-wasting habits).

  5. I’m crunchy on the outside yet soft and chewy in the middle!

    Oh, P.S. — Told you we’d eventually defeat the Mac mini. It’s just a silly little toy computer.

    Okay, everyone, say it with ME —
    I . . . . . . LOVE . . . . . . THIS . . . . . . COMPANY, YeaaahhhhhhhhhHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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