Pathetic Microsoft places ‘iPod Amnesty Bin’ in Zune offices

Apple Online Store“Oh it really is truly pathetic. Microsoft – renowned worldwide for embracing and extending the notion of good business practice – has retreated to schoolyard ethics as its empire collapses in the face of Apple’s iPod,” Jonny Evans blogs for Macworld UK.

“The company has launched a brand-new anti-marketing scheme across its Zune group headquarters – an iPod Amnesty Bin. Employees are meant to dutifully drop their music players into the bin, and run hot-foot to the company store to buy themselves a Zune (also available in, erm, brown),” Evans reports. “And they aren’t doing it.”

Evans writes, “The fact of the matter here is that by attempting to coerce employees into abandoning the world’s favourite music player, Microsoft is actually showing how very popular the iPod has become – and the fact employees aren’t playing ball reinforces the notion that Microsoft has lost this battle for good.”

Full article, with link to image of an “iPod Amnesty Bin,” here.


  1. Too frickin’ funny!! Totally pathetic. Even if it you owned a lesser MP3 player (not an iPod), would you really trash an expensive electronic gadget that you purchased for yourself and drop it in a bin?? The very next person walking by the bin is gonna reach in & grab it for themselves, iPod or not!

  2. Yea, the Zune looks like poop so you might as well treat it like what it is. I’ve never heard of a company stooping so low as to even hinting at giving up something that someone has purchased from outside the company and are trying to make them just throw it away just because they have a similar product. Also to make them BUY IT TOO! I’m glad the employees aren’t giving in to such non-sense. This must have been a Balmer move as he forces his family to only use Zune and forbids anyone in there household to buy an iPod. It won’t work.

  3. And just a few MDN’s ago I was reading someone labeled “Apple Employee” whine about how “arrogant” Apple users are. We’re not at all arrogant, we’re just happy bubbly computer users. (Ok that sounds gay, but you get the point.)

    This stunt, if true, is yet another sign of just how self centered and really arrogant MS has become over the last decade and a half. All I can say is, WOW!

    Any real threat to MS is treated, by MS, with a shoulder shrug and a committment to either buy it, or threaten all Windows users into not using it. Yikes! Nothing like a little corporate fascism to get the day started, eh?

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