Ballmer: ‘I run every morning’

“The man helming the world’s biggest software company runs life on Excel,” Christie Loh reports for TODAYonline.

“‘I actually have a spreadsheet that I use to manage my time,’ said Microsoft Corp’s zingy chief executive Steve Ballmer. Otherwise the 51-year-old overseeing subsidiaries in 100 countries would be chained to the office with no time for himself, his wife and three sons,” Loh reports.

“His discipline is impeccable,” Loh reports.

MacDailyNews Take: The rest of him, not so much.

Loh report, “No meetings take place before 8am: ‘I run every morning … I take my kids to the bus and then I’m promptly at work by about 8 o’clock.'”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bizarro Ballmer” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Either Ballmer’s running approximately 3 feet “every morning” or he’s running to Dunkin’ Donuts for a dozen. Hey, Steve, tell us the one about how “Windows is more secure than the Mac” or “all iPod owners are thieves” or “pirates are to blame for poor Vista sales” or how the “‘Zune halo effect’ will help Windows Vista” — just about anything would be more believable than “I run every morning.”

Does it seem to anyone else as if Ballmer’s trying to shore up a shaky position by emphasizing his penchant for being a workaholic? Regardless of whether Ballmer understands that amount of time spent at work doesn’t equal quality of work, let’s hope shareholders buy it and keep him at the wheel for as long as possible.


  1. I think the error in the the story, which has caused all of this confusion at MDN, is the reporter thought they heard, “I run every morning”. The reality here is that he has THE runs every morning.

  2. It’d didn’t mention that I have to shower before and after I run that takes a while you know. DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS…. *sweat*sweat*sweat*…RUNNING RUNNING RUNNING… *sweat*sweat*sweat*….

  3. “Windows is more secure than the Mac”

    Unfortunatly according to the last year of exploit potential count, Windows is beating the pants off of Mac OS X.

    Sure Windows has more malware, but that was intentional to give IT a job and then have them recommend Windows. “Scratch my back, I’l scratch yours”.

    M$ has secured their OS better and now it’s down to when there is a Windows exploit, it’s a big deal because of the huge market share (95%) and all the pirated versions being hacked on in economically challenged parts of the world.

    Mac OS X comes tied to hardware, so it’s less likely to find it’s way into the hands of the poor and desperate.

    “all iPod owners are thieves”

    Most all iPod owners are theives, so are Zune owners, Zen owners and the like.

    “pirates are to blame for poor Vista sales”

    Pirates are to blame for poor Vista sales because they steal and distribute the OS for free. But then pirates are to blame for a lot of software and content poor sales.

    “‘Zune halo effect’ will help Windows Vista”

    The Zune halo effect will help Vista sales, probally because the Zune won’t work too well with XP.

    Attacking Steve Ballmer in his person character is no way to convince people to buy a Mac or Apple products.

    Steve Ballmer is a very nice monkeyboy.

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