Yared: Apple will be bigger than IBM

“Arguably two of America’s best run companies are Apple Inc. and International Business Machines. Both have achieved high levels of success and shareholders have been rewarded along the way. However, both are treading in different waters and Apple is emerging as the winner going forward. In fact, I’m sure Apple will overtake IBM in value over the next two years. Bottom line: Apple will be bigger than IBM,” Georges Yared, CIO of Yared Investment Research, writes for BloggingStocks.

Yared writes, “Apple will be a bigger company than IBM in terms of market capitalization. As of this writing Apple is just about to hit $100 billion in market cap while IBM is at $158 billion. The direction of both companies are at a variance to each other and Apple is certainly enjoying the strength of a major product cycle.”

Yared writes, “Apple, although only about one-fourth the size of IBM in revenue terms, is growing aggressively. The marketplace will, and has rewarded that aggressive growth by lifting the shares nearly $50 these past two years. But Apple is just beginning.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “MacVicta” for the heads up.]


  1. I’m amazed at the growth of aapl this past year or so. It’s the energizer bunny of stock. As long as Apple continues to focus on products that work, we should be in for a nice long growth cycle.

    MDN word is “numbers” as in the numbers don’t lie.

  2. First, Apple will lap Dell (pass twice Dell’s market cap) then pass HP — a notable event on its own — and then pass IBM on the way to lapping Dell again.

    But passing IBM will be a very publicly commented on event, which will pay huge dividends in the IT world and enterprise computing. It is inevitable that the media will talk up Apple’s assault on Microsoft as the next iconic target in the market cap race.

    How sweet it is — to own a substantial number of AAPL shares!

  3. That was then. Now it is Micro$oft.

    As bad as IBM was painted, in retrospect they really weren’t that bad. As least compared to what made MS.

    Could you see IBM releasing a BOB, doing a Clippy, launching a Vista, or hiring -and promoting to CEO- a freak like Ballmer? And that’s the nice stuff. I won’t mention their dealings with Apple, Spyglass, and Netscape…

    Here’s to the day Apple eclipses the rest of the industry.

  4. I have been using macs all my life and work for them now. But you guys have the most blind ignorance/arrogance i have ever seen. At this point in their company history Apple and IBM are too totally different companies. You guys are talking about something that might happen as if it has already happened. This arrogance is what turns the overall public off to some mac user. I deal with it every day as a Apple sales person. You guys are making my job harder. Come on guys tell the good stuff along with the bad stuff

  5. Apple relies heavily on other companies to produce it’s products

    IBM makes just about everything they sell.

    IBM even makes the processors.

    Apple uses Intels and has their computers made by Taiwan and Chinese firms.

    Apple’s bubble is rising, but it’s going to bust and it won’t have much to go on after that.

    Look at Dell, look at Gateway, look at the many here now gone tommorow PC box assemblers.

    Apple has a harder time because it has to sell a alternate OS than what’s used in 95% of the world.

    Apple’s star will rise, but then it will fall from the retirement of Steve Jobs.

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