RUMOR: Target stores to carry Apple TV

Apple Store“Big-box retailer Target is poised to become just the second third-party retailer to market Apple Inc.’s new Apple TV device at its brick-and-mortar retail stores,” Aidan Malley and Kasper Jade report for AppleInsider. “The bullseye-themed shop will join Best Buy, which agreed to cary the inaugural Apple living room device just last month.”

“People familiar with Target’s plans say units should turn up in official capacity at several locations by month’s end, exploiting the monthly rollover (or electronics department ‘reset’) to establish a presence. Like Apple’s own retail stores, Target will reportedly equip at least some locations with a full-blown demonstration unit hooked up to a widescreen HDTV, showcasing the product for shoppers unfamiliar with its concept,” Malley and Jade report.

Malley and Jade report, “It’s unclear at this time how many of Target’s stores plan to carry the Apple media system or, similarly, the size of the merchant’s commitment to flashy showfloor display units. A spokesperson for the retailer declined to provide specifics of the deal after conferring with Target’s ‘internal partners’ …Target currently markets Apple TV only through its online store.”

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  1. Wow. For the one person that wants to buy one of these, I suppose this is good news. In the meantime, Apple still can’t even break into the Top 5 computer manufacturers! Maybe Apple should be shifting their priorities to products that people actually want?

  2. A few months ago, I was surprised to see Target carrying the iPod + Nike sports kit in my local store. A few weeks before that I had lost the sensor of my one. So I called up some of the stores that carry Apple products but couldn’t get an intelligible answer whether they carried the Sports kit. I can’t remember if I tried Target, but in future I’ll definitely check them out for Apple gear.

  3. Ohhhh noooo! Apple can’t meet *arbitrary demand of anonymous poster on MDN* so therefore, they’re no good! Quick! Stop manufacturing EVERYTHING! Our pointless demands must be heeded right now! Count to ten. Stop hyperventilating. Get it through your head that it’s not all about you.

  4. “Apple can’t meet *arbitrary demand of anonymous poster on MDN* so therefore, they’re no good!”

    So true.

    There was at least an hour long discussion of this at the last AAPL shareholders’ meeting.
    It was brutal. Steve got real nervous and agitated and Phil Schiller sat there quietly weeping. Several shareholders ran from the room complaining of dizziness and nausea.

  5. The $TV would sell better if Apple didn’t cripple the dang thing so much on it’s first release. It’s not the price or the harddrive that bothers me. But, why not web videos from CBS/NBC/ESPN etc? How about Amazon Movie Rentals? Surely they could have struck such a deal? I know YouTube would have been in.

    If they didn’t cripple it so much I would have bought one.

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