Mossberg decries Windows Vista’s dog slow boot and restart times vs. Apple’s Mac OS X

Apple Store“I have set up many computers over the years, so I wasn’t shocked that the out-of-box experience was less than ideal. Still, I was struck by just how irritating it was to get going with the new Sony Vaio SZ laptop I bought about 10 days ago. It was the first new Windows machine I’d bought in a few years, because I had been waiting for Microsoft’s new Windows Vista operating system. I was amazed that the initial experience is still a big hassle,” Walter S. Mossberg reports for The Wall Street Journal.

Mossberg reports, “I’m talking about two main problems. One is the plethora of teaser software and advertisements for products that must be cleared and uninstalled to make way for your own stuff. The second is the confusing welter of security programs you have to master and update, even on a virgin machine. I’m also referring to how slowly a new Windows Vista machine starts and restarts, even if you haven’t yet loaded or launched any of your own software.”

“I am not singling out Sony here. I would have had a similar experience if I had chosen, say, a Hewlett-Packard laptop. Most major PC makers feature the security programs and trial software and offers I encountered on my new Sony. They are not part of Vista itself,” Mossberg reports.

Mossberg reports, “I also was shocked at how long this machine took to restart and to do a cold start after being completely shut down. Restarting took over three minutes, and a cold start took more than two minutes. That suggests the computer is loading a bunch of stuff I neither know about nor want. By contrast, a brand new Apple MacBook laptop, under the same test conditions, restarted in 34 seconds and did a cold start in 29 seconds.”

“I wish computer makers would stop loading all these trial programs and offers on computers and that security precautions could be much less disruptive and more automatic. The first day of owning an expensive new gadget should be a pleasure, not a hassle.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “DreamTheEndless” for the heads up.]
We guarantee that Walt already knows this, but we’ll state the obvious: If you get an Apple MacBook or MacBook Pro, you can install Windows Vista on it and at least avoid all of the OEM crapware from the likes of Dell, HP, Sony, Toshiba, etc. WIndows start up times are still going to be longer than Mac OS X, no matter what, but at least you don’t have to clean off junk software to start.

Better yet, install Windows XP on the MacBook, if you need to run a Windows-only app, since Vista is even more of a bloated mess than XP (we know, hard to believe, but they did have over five years to bolt bloat onto XP). Note: Windows is still WIndows and you’ll have to install and maintain anti-virus protection and sacrifice processor cycles to run it constantly just like any other Windows PC sufferer, unless you can keep Windows off the network and just use it for local apps.

For those that have to run WIndows on a Mac to access the odd application, we recommend keeping Windows offline (you won’t have to pay for and run AV software); use the Mac for network tasks instead.

Yes, it still amazes us that 8 of 10 people run to Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Dell, etc. to repeatedly saddle themselves with the demonstrably inferior platform. Ignorance of the Mac option (and personal computing in general) is still extremely rampant and we pity the people who pay good money for the pleasure of limiting their productivity and options while frustrating themselves needlessly.

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  1. Yes, you can install Vista if you don’t mind wasting 15GB! on the sucker. Geez, M$– it’s not nice to call someone’s baby ugly, but… THAT’S AN ENORMOUS BABY!

  2. Mossberg can wish all he likes, but one thing that allows PC makers to sell cheaper boxes is all that crappy software they slap on the hard drive. Developers pay to have it there, so the retail price can be lower.

    As a consumer, you either realize that you get what you pay for, so you get a Mac, or you believe that the PC is cheaper and then accept the fact that you’re saddled with slower boot times, the hassle of getting rid of trial software you’ll never use, vulnerabilities AND exploits out the whazoo, and an OS that’s so difficult to use that even today, nearly 26 years after the first IBM PCs shipped, most people still go out of their way to avoid using them. With all the things you can do with a computer today that can make your life easier, you might think that everyone would be doing them. They aren’t, and that’s because Windows has taught them that computers are difficult to use. The real challenge for Apple is to teach these people that a computer doesn’t have to be difficult.

  3. Boot time shouldn’t be an issue on a modern OS! You’re supposed to start it once and keep it there.

    “I’m talking about two main problems. One is the plethora of teaser software and advertisements for products that must be cleared and uninstalled to make way for your own stuff. The second is the confusing welter of security programs you have to master and update, even on a virgin machine.

    Name one other product in any industry that even begins to approach this level of BS. Yet somehow Windows still sells…

  4. They aren’t, and that’s because Windows has taught them that computers are difficult to use.

    At one time, cars were expected to need regular tune-ups, had to warm up before they could be driven, and were considered shot at 100,000 miles. Today we have warranties that long, and maintenance of any kind is frowned at.

    So perceptions can and do change.

  5. My 24″ iMac starts up in about 11 seconds. Re-start is about 18. It’s incredible. Not even enough time to go pour a cup of jo. And I’ve only re-started about four times in the four months or so that I’ve owned it.

  6. aka Christian,

    The average Windows PC user simply would not believe you, even though we Mac users know it’s true. Microsoft has conditioned them to fear the PC. This is how MS gets the masses to “stick with the evil you know…” It’s sad. I, too, pity the poor saps rolling their garbage Windows PCs out of Best Buy. They really are exactly like lemmings!

  7. As someone who switched to Mac 2 months ago, I can say on behalf of windows users that people have become so accustomed to mediocrity that they put up with it. I am constantly cursing at my pc at work because of the unbelievable number of little things that go wrong on each day and not because of virus or spyware, but because of incompatibilities introduced by trying to integrate thousands of programs into a giant stinking pile of manure known as windows.

  8. “This new Windows PC I just bought is crap! I don’t understand it. It’s brand new. I’d better go buy another one.”

    I just don’t get the mentality of people that buy a PC and complain that it is a hassle to work with – AND they keep working with it.

    Take the damn thing back and UPGRADE to a Mac.

    “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over – expecting different results”

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