RUMOR: Apple TV team prepping update with new ‘Net-centric features

Apple Store“The Apple TV team is already working on a version of the software that will benefit from the internet much more than it currently does. Details such as temperature, and weather forecasts will be available in a future version of the OS,” LoopRumors reports.

“Utilizing the internet, Apple will allow users to retrieve information on their favorite teams and subscribe to news and game day scores. Headlines from RSS news feeds will also be available, and constantly updated into Apple TV,” LoopRumors reports.

LoopRumors reports, “Although the Apple TV can manually be powered off by holding the play button for 6 seconds, eliminating a physical power button was intentional, allowing for Apple TV to remain on and constantly receive updates from the internet.”

Full article here.

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  1. I still think it was released without a simultaneous release of HD movies on iTunes– though such a release had been planned. Everyone, including content providers, want a strong competitor to Apple. Seeing that it’s not working out that way, they have little choice. Tey will grow, and so will Apple.

    Apple ≠ beleagured. Apple = behemoth.

  2. Folks, LoopRumors has almost ALWAYS been WRONG on ALL of their rumors. Look back through their history on their site. Their accuracy rating is like 2%. Do not believe anything you read on LoopRumors!

  3. The Apple TV will really take off if it had it’s own version of a iTMS store on it, with HD content of course.

    I like watching my favorite TV shows without commericals when I like too.

    However, I do watch more TV if it’s free as I don’t know if I’ll like something yet or not.

    Or I’ll just watch something to kill some time, not really wanting to buy it.

    Hmmm, tough call.

  4. while looprumors is usually wrong, these features are any easy call. OS X has had integrated RSS for quite some time and the Wii already utilizes something like this although their implementation is not that great. Look for Apple to get this bad boy shining in no time. It is os x running the show on the ATV so updating should be a breeze and also allows for some significant software upgrades. I’m exciting ( i own one obviously).

  5. Stopped by the SoHo Apple store this evening. The place was packed. Everywhere, that is, except the AppleTV area.

    I spent 10 minutes by myself amongst the 3 display TVs trying to use the device. First I was interested in seeing trailers on it, since they would have better resolution than the iTunes store content. I waited for 7 minutes for the trailer to “300” (the first one listed), and it refused to play / didn’t load, or loaded so slowly that after 7 minutes only about 2 percent was downloaded. I would hope the internet connection between the store and the trailer server should have been fast.

    OK, trailers failed… let’s try movies. I scrolled down to “O Brother Where Art Thou?” and hit play. My God. It was the worst picture quality I had ever seen. Not only was it not DVD quality, it wasn’t VHS quality. It was embarrassing. It seemed worse than YouTube.

    It’s no wonder that no one was buying them.

    Without 720p content, the AppleTV is a tremendous step down for pretty much everybody.

    I’m afraid that putting them so prominently on display now, before 720p content is available, is a big strategic mistake. The reason being that anyone who happens to play with an AppleTV now will be turned off for life from the product line.

  6. This hardly qualifies as news. I mean who doesn’t expect the TV to evolve and gain new features like Widgets and access to RSS media content. The main question I’m hearing over and over right now is, “What is it?” That question will be answered in June, I’m betting. If so, I’ll likely buy one then. If not, well, I’ll continue to wait until they (or someone else) gets it right.

  7. Algore will make them update TV with an on/off switch so that it will save electric energy. Does he have energy saving switches in his many mansions.

    Who else said, “I have many mansions”?

  8. Power off with the play button?
    Sorry but the only way to power the Apple TV is to unplugging it. Holding the play button just puts it to sleep. Try it, the open iTunes and you will notice it will still sync.

    If it powered off with the play button, then when you turn it back on it would have that cool startup movie again. It doesn’t.

  9. Streaming is fine. REAL internet access is better. But I still want a DVR in it, and the ability to play my DVDs somehow. I’ll buy iTunes stuff if there’s something worth buying, but I don’t like being forced to (especially since I have plenty of content I can watch now). Besides, right now the resolution of what iTS sells is way below what’s rational for a widescreen set.

    Apple needs to make those changes, otherwise this thing is asking way too much for way too little.

  10. The Apple TV is a Trojan Horse.

    No one but Apple (and perhaps some third party collaborators) knows what is in store for Apple TV, but you can bet that at some point, the horse is going to open up, and the fat lady will be singing before anyone ever even knew there was an opera. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  11. “Without 720p content, the AppleTV is a tremendous step down for pretty much everybody.”

    Hmmmm… sorry but you’re wrong. You are making the assumption that the video you saw at the store was what this thing can deliver. I have ripped a massiv amount of dvd’s i own and the look beautiful, i mean beautiful on this thing. The store’s are obviously not doing the ability of the Atv justice. Plus it is so much more than just a movie device. I just hope that Apple doesn’t screw themselves over with a poor store display b/c ATV is insane. It has changed the way i view and utilize digital media.

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