Thurrott: ‘See, I told you Apple copies Microsoft’

“Microsoft had a surprise visitor at its WinHEC trade show this week in Seattle. Several representatives from Apple Computer were on hand to blatantly copy, er, see what Microsoft is up to. ‘I am attending WinHEC to keep tabs on what is happening in the industry and what Microsoft is looking to do over the next year,’ David Harrington, the manager of Apple’s hardware technology group admitted when asked. He declined to make any further comment, however. I will say this. I do know that Microsoft employees also attend Apple’s shows, including the World Wide Developer events. So clearly there’s some cross-pollination going on here,” Paul Thurrott writes for WindowsITPro.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Thurrott’s turning into quite the comedy writer lately. In case he’s actually serious, according to Microsoft, the following groups should attend WinHEC 2006:
• All hardware engineers and designers who want more technical information about changes in hardware and Windows architecture and features: See Apple iPod.
• All driver developers and testers who want more technical information about Windows Driver Foundation, other driver architectures, and tools: See Apple iPod, iTunes for Windows, QuickTime for Windows, Bonjour for Windows, etc.

Apple develops products that work with Windows. Of course they would be at WinHEC.

And what exactly is there for Apple to copy? Bad copies of their own work? That would be weirdly derivative, huh? Perhaps Apple could copy constantly missed and perpetually slipping shipping dates? Or a poorly-thought-out “parade” effect so they can make Exposé less productive? How about ways to constantly annoy the end user with never-ending “User Account Protection” dialog boxes? How to gin up apathy over vaporware? Maybe how to make windows that are too translucent (even though they already toned that down years ago in Mac OS X)? Maybe, Apple could steal some general tips for creating confusing, unproductive and ugly user interfaces? Or how to pacify mutinous employees with free towels?

Let’s face it, the only companies whose products would benefit from copying Microsoft are Hoover, Dyson, Electrolux, Oreck, etc.

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  1. MDN: “Let’s face it, the only companies whose products would benefit from copying Microsoft are Hoover, Dyson, Electrolux, Oreck, etc.”

    HILARIOUS! I think I peed a little.

  2. Fanboys, man your battle stations! Of course Apple and MS look at what each other is doing. If you read Thurrott’s WinSupersite, he has done a fair job of dissecting the good and bad of Vista. Look at the screenshots of Windows Media Player 11. Hopefully Apple WILL steal some of MS’s ideas for the next iTunes. The new WMP interface makes great use of album art and stacks.

  3. nice…a copy of a copy…basically someone copying Microsoft would be like the messed up clone in Multiplicity. “I like widgets Stheve!”

    ANYONE not keeping an eye on their competition is as stupid as Thurrott for phoning this article in.

  4. As I see it one of the main reasons would be to grudgingly keep tabs on Windows so that they can ensure their machines continue to network with Windows machines etc. Microsoft certainly aren’t interested in making sure stuff works together so someone has to do it.

  5. i agree with andy…album art is probably the last thing I think of when I’m trying to remember a song.

    Especially since I buy so many physical CD’s now…oh wait…

  6. i actually don’t consider Vista to be ugly myself. XP certainly is an eyesore, but I find the Aero Glass style to be non-offensive. The longevity of the widespread translucency is something to be seen to, however.

    Once OS X loses its cosmetic advantage, its immediate appeal to the masses will be greatly softened.

  7. On the contrary….Apple’s visit, could allow them to keep a closer eye on Microsoft “infringing” upon Apple’s patents….along with the direction of Microsoft in general. We already know Microsoft has ripped off Apple’s OSX features for Vista (Spotlight, Widgets, etc), so maybe Apple will actually get involved now, in order top stop the TRUE thieves!

  8. >> Perhaps Apple could copy constantly missed and perpetually slipping shipping dates?

    Actually, Microsoft stole that from Apple too… the Copeland fiasco…. What next? They buy their next generation OS?

  9. that’s quite an assumption: “Once OS X loses its cosmetic advantage, its immediate appeal to the masses will be greatly softened.”, remember 10.5 is due before Vista. Besides it’s not just the form that is important but the content even more so.

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