Apple Store North Michigan Avenue’s ‘green roof’ photos

Taking everything learned from its other stores throughout the U.S., Apple’s high-profile store on Michigan Avenue in Chicago was designed to be the ultimate Apple Store. The store is filled with the full range of Apple products and accessories, including the first-ever Apple Store Internet Café. In addition, the store includes a 2,400 ft2 GreenGrid green roof, outfitted with 302 four-inch deep GreenGrid modules. One of the main design features of this store is the class studio/boardroom that overlooks the “eco-friendly” green roof. The green roof is also visible from the many high-rise buildings that surround this part of Michigan Avenue, a.k.a. the “Magnificent Mile.”

The GreenGrid green roof was installed in approximately 12 hours to meet Apple’s schedule. The photos shown on this and the linked page were taken 2 days after installation of the modules. The extensive GreenGrid modules were densely planted exclusively with Sedum kamtschaticum for an instant “carpet of green” look. This plant material requires little maintenance, is very hardy in the Chicago climate, and provides a wonderful green impact for this landmark store.

More info and photos here.

Mre info about Apple Store North Michigan Avenue here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “McKinlay” for the heads up.]

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  1. This roof has been up for nearly three years now. Anyone in Chicago can go across the street to the mall at 700 N. Michigan Ave to the food court on the top floor (use the express elevators towards Rush St. for a faster trip) to view the roof. However, it doesn’t answer the question why this is news now. You would think this would have been noteworthy when the store opened.

  2. i think it’s a fantastic idea =) i’ve one on my building where i work in Toronto and it’s a very pleasant environment because the building owner has made it a garden, not just a green roof.

    It’s spring and people are going up to the roof, eating lunch or just enjoying a short break. Obviously, your roof needs to be able to take the weight and it’s supposed to provide insulation so your heating/cooling bills are lower. I also heard that it helps prevent a heat-effect that happens with buildings and cities. Water doesn’t drain off the roof so quickly so the sewers aren’t overflowing. Plus, it just looks nice. i can’t remember all the plusses but there are many.

    Sadly, i think they made green roofs law in Tokyo for all flat surfaces but developers or building owners are choosing to make ‘slants’ in their roofs in order to not have to put up a green roof. Too bad. =(

  3. I’m glad to see Apple doing this, and I hope they continue the practice wherever they can. Apparently, going green on roofs saves on heating/cooling costs for the building, presumably because the grass/whatever acts as a very good insulator.

  4. “However, it doesn’t answer the question why this is news now.”

    Most likely it’s news now because the Green Grid manufacturer recently got around to publishing a Case History story on its web site and sent out a press release about it. Regardless of being installed 3 years ago, this was “news” to me. “News” is not restricted to current events.

  5. To answer Spark’s Why is it news?” …. Well have you seen this before? The building has been up for quite some time, and maybe the vendor’s web site has been up for a while as well…

    but it was news to me and I bet a lot of others…

    Guess some people didn’t get their dose of all-bran today?

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