Now, you no longer have to choose – just buy a Macintosh

“Until recently, you faced a stark choice when picking a home computer — you bought either a Windows PC or a Macintosh. The popular PCs guarantee you will have access to a vast software library, but the computers’ antiquated Windows XP operating system is infamous for its security failings. The PCs offered by top makers wouldn’t win sexiness awards, either. Apple Computer’s Macs, by comparison, are attractive machines with a state-of-the-art operating system and slick software for mainstream tasks. But Apple’s meager market share has meant slim software pickings elsewhere,” Julio Ojeda-Zapata writes for The St. Paul Pioneer Press. “Now, you no longer have to choose. Just buy a Macintosh.”

“In what may be prove to be a key chapter in personal computing, the latest Macs are able to run XP and Windows software as quickly and effortlessly as they handle the Mac OS X operating system and Mac programs. A current-model Mac is essentially two machines in one,” Ojeda-Zapata writes. “If PC makers like Dell, Sony and HP aren’t worried, they should be. Who’s going to want a PC with such a slick Mac solution? Plus, Apple won’t allow its prized OS X to run on Intel-based machines other than Macs.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Not a lot of new thought here (we’ve been writing the above since last June), but the article does offer a nice rundown of methods of running that Windows-only game or application via Apple’s Boot Camp, Parallels’ Workstation for Mac, and CodeWeavers’ CrossOver Mac.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader Scott Rose for the heads up.]

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  1. Time will tell. Are people too afraid/ignorant to change from what they know? That being Dell. The myth is they are the cheapest, like Wal-Mart, and they won’t even consider another choice of computer.

    We’ll see.

  2. At first, I’d be quite hesitant to recommend Apple’s beta-level Boot Camp as a solution to a person’s PC woes, and would advise that they wait for OS X 10.5, Leopard, to co-run the MS WIndows OS. But, it seems that Apple’s beta is much better than most other software designers full versions.

  3. Just got my MBP 17″ yesterday. It rocks! Installed Parallels and put Windows 2000 in it and man, it flies. Much faster than on my old AMD 1400+ system.

    Just need to add another gig of memory.

  4. I strongly recommend reading the whole article. Well written, a balance (but pro-Mac!) approach.

    I had not yet heard of CodeWeavers’ CrossOver Mac. It is being developed by a local (St. Paul, Minnesota, USA) company, so it was a natural local flavor article for the author.

  5. Deedubya:- “Are people too afraid/ignorant to change from what they know?”

    At a recent meeting of our Mac User Group I asked that question of two of our members. One is a photographer/graphics designer who has been using Macs since day one. The other is an IT PC user who has been “thinking” of switching to Macs since day one. They thought for a long time and finally admitted they had never been able to figure that out. But fear of change was certainly one of the main reasons for not switching.

  6. Probably 90% of people use their computer for nothing more than surfing the net, reading e-mail and maybe doing a little Office for Mac/hobbies/photos at home.

    And despite their visibilty, gamers are a fairly small minority of total users.

    I wish the misplaced notion of “slim software pickings” for OS X would go away.

  7. It’s happening. Practice your good bye wave to the beloved Mac OS – Apple’s plans to become a seller of expensive hardware and iPods is well down the road.

    When Steve announced Intel, he somehow forgot to mention that he was getting out of the OS business. And, why is that hard to understand – there are no computer products in the history of the business that last very long when they are attracting 4% of the market.

    The problem is one of honesty. Those who continue to trust in Apple are going to be sorely disappointed.

  8. I think that the most interesting thought in the article is contained in this line:
    “…will allow Macs to run almost any Windows program without Windows XP (which the other approaches require). This will save users a mint because XP costs between $200 and $300.”

    Now, while $200-$300 is too much to pay for XP, it isn’t really a “mint” to most. However if you turn the thought inside out it becomes interesting. If a million Windows users switch over to Macs because of the multi-OS capability AND they no longer need to purchase Windows, now THAT’s mint of lost revenue to Microsoft. A solution that allows apps written for Windows to run on a Mac without Windows OS installed is KILLER!

  9. BootCamp is the most polished beta software I’ve ever seen. I think it’s just a beta in name only.

    Regarding CodeWeavers, BTW, anyone keeping up with the Darwine project knows they’ve been supporting Darwine for almost a year now.

    From the Darwine site:

    “CodeWeavers supports the Darwine Project

    CodeWeavers has announced that they will provide CrossOver Office for the Mac.

    CodeWeavers is well known for being a strong supporter of the Wine Project. That is why this announcement is a big news for Wine, thus also for Darwine.

    Jeremy White, Founder and CEO of CodeWeavers, confirmed that they will support the Darwine Project, in an email send to the darwine-devel mailing-list:

    « CodeWeavers will likely be using/supporting/aiding + abetting the Darwine project/process as our way of achieving CrossOver Office for the Mac» –Jeremy White, CEO of CodeWeavers
    Posted by Pierre d’Herbemont. 2005-06-23 at 10:06:06″

  10. “getting out of the OS business”


    My goodness. From what planet are you landing on Earth?

    Out of the OS business like pushing hard to have Leopard ahead of time and fully supporting 64-bit?

    Out of the OS business like opening new positions for skilled developers to work on future versions of the OS?

    Out of the OS business like working already on the version after Leopard?


  11. “But Apple’s meager market share has meant slim software pickings elsewhere”

    I’m so sick and tired of this fallacy. There are over 25,000 software titles for OS X out there. So what if there are more than 100,000 for Winblows. How many text editors do you really need? How many different apps does the average person use in a day? A week? A month? A year? My guess is not even two dozen in a year. The apps for the Macintosh platform ALWAYS work nicer (and look nicer) than their Winblows counterparts.

    My rant for the day.

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