Intel gets aggressive on next-gen rollout schedules: Merom MacBook Pros, Conroe Power Macs, more

“Late last week, Intel made news at an analyst meeting in which CEO Paul Otellini revealed an accelerated rollout schedule for products based on Intel’s next-generation microarchitecture. According to reports by the Inquirer, DigiTimes, and others, the server part, Woodcrest, will be the first of the new lineup to hit the streets this coming June, followed by Conroe (the desktop part) in July and Merom (the mobile part) in August,” Hannibal reports for Ars Technica.

“So those of us who’ve been waiting for the Merom-based MacBook now have a more specific timeframe to work with. It looks like we’ll see them officially unveiled at the August WWDC. As for the PowerMac replacements (Mac Pros? MacMacs?), the launch date may depend on whether Apple chooses Woodcrest or Conroe for the brains of their pro line. I’m leaning towards the idea that Apple will use a lower-clocked (and hence lower-priced) Woodcrest and introduce the PowerMac replacements in June, but this would put the PowerMac on shelves well in advance of the August WWDC at which it was formerly rumored to debut. A Conroe-based iMac might also make it out before WWDC,” Hannibal reports. “As you may recall, WWDC was pushed back to August from its normal June date, presumably to coincide with Intel’s Q3 rollout of Woodcrest, Conroe, and Merom. But Intel just keeps bumping up the intro dates for these parts in response to a number of factors (competitive pressure from AMD, profit shortfalls, internal restructuring), a fact that probably drives Apple nuts. Imagine the wrath of Steve if he really did delay WWDC from June to August in order to make it coincide with what was at the time an already accelerated Woodcrest rollout, only to have Intel move the Woodcrest launch date even further ahead into June! Such are the woes of being a relatively small fish in the very large pond of the x86-based PC market.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Too Hot!” for the heads up.]

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  1. This all sounds wonderful … what does it mean?

    Current MacIntels are using “core duo” chips. Where does this fit with “Woodcrest”, “Conroe” and “Merom”?
    Are these all “core duo” chip types?
    Will these replace “core duo” chips?

  2. DLMeyer:

    Woodcrest, Conroe, and Merom are also Core Duo chips, albeit 64 bit and a slightly modified architecture. It’s been reported that these chips will offer a 20 – 40% performance increase at the same power consumption as the current Core Duo chips.

  3. Encouraging news. But I’m more interested in Leopard. Anyone know where I can download free screenshots from the web?

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  4. Yeah I can’t see Jobs being pissed that Intel are releasing their chips earlier than expected.

    It will also allow the supply of chips and machines to build up if Apple want to wait till the WWDC for annoucing the products.

    I would imagine that Apple will want to get the ibook out earlier than August though because for the education sales. Ideally they would want those out in June so that supply can ramp up through July.

  5. Bugger. I just bought a G5 imac second hand because i knew i couldn’t afford a new intel one. looks like if i’d waited a couple of months I could have had an outdated core duo for the same price.
    Curses, curses, curses.

  6. Steve could still announce XServes and MacPros at WWDC and have them shipping “now” rather than the typical 2-6 weeks. He could also announce MacBooks as shipping “now” with very low power Yonahs and a bump to MacBook Pros to be shipping in September with Meroms.

    Also, what did Otellini mean by “shipping” in June/July/August? Getting past the “sampling” stage and to limited quanities on 30 June, 31 July and 31 August? Will the full production rates get actually achieved in August/September/October?

    Remember Yonah was “shipping” in December 2005 but did not really hit full production until February 2006 and MacBook Pro did not ship in full quantities until almost March even though Yonah started “shipping” more than two months earlier.

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