Trapped Tasmanian gold miners given Apple iPods as rescue slowly continues

“A large bore drill is starting to grind a one-metre tunnel through the remaining 12-16 metres of rock separating the rescuers from two miners trapped in a Tasmanian gold mine for eight days. But Beaconsfield mine manager Matthew Gill said it would be ‘at least 48 hours from now’ before the drill broke through to Brant Webb and Todd Russell. The rock, he said, is ‘harder than concrete’ and the drilling has to proceed slowly,” Ben Cubby reports for The Sydney Morning Herald. “Meanwhile, members of the medical team are underground 24 hours a day, speaking to Webb and Russell through a 12-metre long PVC pipe. Tasmanian Ambulance Service paramedic Matthew Eastham said psychologists had instructed them how to speak to the two men, cramped inside a 1.2m by 1.2m steel cage under tonnes of rock.”

Cubby reports, “The men have received messages from their families, as well as magazines and iPods to keep them occupied… Prime Minister John Howard has delivered a message of support to the two men, calling their ordeal a wonderful story of endurance and courage… A digital camera has also been passed to the two men so they can show rescuers and medical staff their surroundings and what is happening to them. ‘They are able to point the camera around the various parts of their fairly cramped environment,’ Australian Workers Union national secretary Bill Shorten told reporters.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jeremy” for the heads up.]

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  1. Some tunes to kill time:
    “Be Mine” – David Gray
    “Wishing Well” – Terence Trent D’arby
    “Goldmine” – Caviar
    “Dig It” – D-Tent Boys
    “Trapped” – Bruce Springsteen
    “Breath of Fresh Air” – Doug E. Fresh
    “Like a Rock” – Bob Seger
    “Tasmanian Devil” – Don Spencer

  2. It is incredibly tasteless and vulgar for MDN to promote the iPod when two men lie buried under tons of rock and one other man was killed.

    MDN’s take, “When life hangs in the balance, when pain and suffering are just bummin’ you out, or when death is knocking on the door, turn on your iPod and relax. Yes, folks, nothing calms the nerves and raises the human spirit in a crisis situation than an iPod loaded with yer favorite tunes. When the stress and grief of disaster befall you, stop, whip out yer Pod and chill. Leg crushed and blood gushing from a gaping head wound? No problem, listen to “The End” by The Doors or “It’s Not My Time to Go” by Dan Hicks. Feeling your soul leaving your mortal body? Hey, crank up “See that My Grave is Kept Clean” by Blind Lemon Jefferson or “The I Feel Like I’m Fixin’ to Die Rag” by Country Joe and the Fish. Don’t let yer body go to waste, either, people. Listen to John Prine wail out his sentimental “Please Don’t Bury Me”. Contact MDN for more of yer favorite tunes for life’s cruel and nasty times including, rape, murder, arson, and car wrecks – all collections are elegantly bundled in our signature iPod edition with the Death’s Head logo. All prices final and no refunds.”

  3. Thanks, gow! And also putta – thanks for clearing that up.

    “A sense of humor is the lubricant of life’s machinery.” -Unknown

    “You can turn painful situations around through laughter. If you can find humor in anything – even poverty – you can survive it.” -Bill Cosby

    “If you can look into the mirror without laughter, you have no sense of humor.” -Unknown

    “All my humor is based upon destruction and despair. If the whole world was tranquil, without disease and violence, I’d be standing on the breadline right in back of J. Edgar Hoover.” -Lenny Bruce

    “Humor is just another defense against the universe.” -Mel Brooks

    “Lighten up. Life’s too short.” -Ampar

    MW: run, as in don’t walk

  4. Ampar:

    I doubt that you have the balls to tell the family of the dead man in person what you anonymously posted here. Even if you did, and they failed to see the gracious humor of your talented wit, and proceeded to beat the shit out of you, I’m sure that you would chuckle like an idiot through your toothless face. The lack of teeth in your mouth would only match the deficiency of brains in your head and the absence of heart in your chest.

  5. I don’t know about the guys in the mines, but I can say that I find it subtly irritating that we now have these green double-underline links to commercial sites in all the articles, like the green link in this one that takes us to Olympus cameras. Like there aren’t enough ads already in the sidebar.

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