Germany 2006 World Cup Guide free for Apple iPod

The World Cup is without a doubt the world’s greatest sporting event. Coolgorilla have come up with the ultimate World Cup guide for your Apple iPod featuring:
• Details of every player from every team
• A full break down of the schedule
• Every score from every game from every World Cup ever
• Country details
• Stadium details
• Manager Profiles

This guide will transform your iPod into an interactive football (soccer) encyclopedia. It unleashes the power of your iPod by using a clever system of menus so that all the information you want is only a few clicks away. Astound your friends with your knowledge of The Beautiful Game.

More info and download link here.

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  1. What with Team USA in the “group of death”, I’m finding it hard to look forward to the World Cup with anything but trepidation. I’ll still watch every match though. (Must remember to be very nice to my wife…)

  2. “The World Cup is without a doubt the world’s greatest sporting event”

    HELL NO!

    Some of you folks need to come experience the good old states where we have the SuperBowl, which is without a doubt the world’s greatest sporting event.

    Other events better than The World Cup:
    1. The World Series
    2. The Stanley Cup
    3. The Basketball Championship series
    4. Monday Night Football
    5. College Football
    6. The list continues

  3. Super Trim,

    Is SuperBowl that stupid game that Yanks call football even though ‘soccer’ has been around longer, and you guys don’t even use your feet to play? Stop Start Stop Start Stop Start, run over a line and throw a cheap looking rugby ball. No thanks.

    FACT: Football IS the greatest sport in the world. It is WORLDWIDE, whereas your crappy version of rugby with pads is a novelty.

  4. By the way, when I say Monday Night Football and College Football, I mean the kind where you use your hands and beat the shit out of your opponents. Not the lame kind they play over there in europe.

  5. “… the SuperBowl, which is without a doubt the world’s greatest sporting event”

    Don’t you just love this american ego inflation? Football (and I don’t mean that strange activity that you call football) is the most popular sport on earth. The Beautiful Game’s World Cup is the greatest sporting event af all.
    End of discussion.

  6. Super Tim :

    all of those sports you list are USA based. this is the WORLD cup as in a sport which is played in virtually every country in the world.

    oh and before you try again with the “world series” – that was named after a newspaper and has nothing to do with being international.

  7. I was actually able to convince my wife that a large HDTV screen would be good right about now, obviously just in time for the big show. And it is the group of death because the US is in it. We’re going to do to Italy what we did to Portugal in ’02. Go Yanks!!!

  8. Baseball is international. So is Hockey. And this isn’t a question of which sport is more popular… it is a question of which is better. American Football is much better than European Football.

    To extend my point, Microsoft windows is much more popular than Mac OS, but we all know that Mac is better. So popularity clearly isn’t the determining factor of quality. If you all gave American sports a chance (like I have european sports… I am a Chicagoan and we have a soccer or “football” team called the Chicago Fire), you would realize that they are just plain more exciting and fun.

    What are we all doing talking about sports though?? We’re supposed to be computer geeks.

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