Germany 2006 World Cup Guide free for Apple iPod

The World Cup is without a doubt the world’s greatest sporting event. Coolgorilla have come up with the ultimate World Cup guide for your Apple iPod featuring:
• Details of every player from every team
• A full break down of the schedule
• Every score from every game from every World Cup ever
• Country details
• Stadium details
• Manager Profiles

This guide will transform your iPod into an interactive football (soccer) encyclopedia. It unleashes the power of your iPod by using a clever system of menus so that all the information you want is only a few clicks away. Astound your friends with your knowledge of The Beautiful Game.

More info and download link here.

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  1. I was actually able to convince my wife that a large HDTV screen would be good right about now, obviously just in time for the big show. And it is the group of death because the US is in it. We’re going to do to Italy what we did to Portugal in ’02. Go Yanks!!!

  2. Baseball is international. So is Hockey. And this isn’t a question of which sport is more popular… it is a question of which is better. American Football is much better than European Football.

    To extend my point, Microsoft windows is much more popular than Mac OS, but we all know that Mac is better. So popularity clearly isn’t the determining factor of quality. If you all gave American sports a chance (like I have european sports… I am a Chicagoan and we have a soccer or “football” team called the Chicago Fire), you would realize that they are just plain more exciting and fun.

    What are we all doing talking about sports though?? We’re supposed to be computer geeks.

  3. Although I am by no means a soccer fan, I do pay attention to the World Cup. It is an exciting event. I tend to find soccer a bit on the boring side although many would consider my favorite sport, baseball, to be boring as well. Maybe I just don’t see the strategy that goes into the game.

    But please do not compare American football to Rugby. Don’t assume that American football is “sissified” because they wear pads. Because they wear pads, the contact is much more vicious than it is in Rugby. Rugby involves a lot of arm tackling. In American football, there is a lot more body on body. The smallest guys on the football field weigh in at 200 pounds. There are 250 pound guys who run a 40 yard dash in 4.5 seconds. Size + speed = Pain.

    Its a very violent game actually. Just look at ex football players who are in their 50’s.

    But the World Cup is exciting. Any sport involving many nations is fun. They just had the first ever World Baseball Classic this past March and I watched it alot. I was shocked to see Cuba win it.

  4. The two things I do during the day (while not working) are read the mac forums and the soccer forums. Now I get both in one!
    In June I’ll be taking my trusty iBook to Germany to blog about the games. I’m lucky enough to have tkts to the first two U.S. games. Glad to see there’s some content for my iPod as well.

    While it’s an interesting analyze the Mac/Windows and Soccer/American Football comparisons, the analogy breaks down for me when I realize that the Mac will eventually win over the world, just as soccer does today. The Mac won’t reign supreme in popularity tomorrow, but its day will come.

    Soccer will always rule the sporting world…there’s no doubt in my mind…there’s too much history in every corner of the world save the U.S.

  5. My brother-in-law is a huge soccer fan — can’t wait to show this to him on the iPod.

    And I like that the company will email a new version once all the rosters are finalized…very cool. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    MW=services; one of the coolest services offered on the iPod to date…

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