Will Apple drop Mac OS X’s Darwin kernel in favor of Microsoft’s Windows Vista kernel?

“Not to worry, the Mac OS X “look & feel” is going to stay. So is compatibility with existing Mac OS X app’s. What is going away is the XNU or “Darwin” kernel, based on Mach + BSD Unix 4.0,” “Sharp” writes for osViews. “Instead, the Mac OS X API’s will be a Runtime Layer atop the Windows Vista. Security, stability, and POSIX compatibility are all supposed to be hallmarks of the upcoming Vista. Though how *nix-friendly it will be remains to be seen… evidently, [Apple is] looking to Vista to be the underpinnings of the continued ‘Mac look & feel’ and allow their userbase to run ALL Mac OS X app’s as well as ALL Windows app’s natively. Sounds good on paper, but I’m nervous about the unknown implications.”

“Sharp” writes, “It could work, but it feels like Genesis after Peter Gabriel. Still a band making songs, just not the tunes that originally made you a fan. This is the ‘Phil Colins era’ of the Macintosh.”

Full article, including illustrations, here.

MacDailyNews Take: First Dvorak, then Enderle, and now “Sharp.” Granted, not the best of company, but the drumbeat grows louder for dropping the current Mac OS X kernel in favor of Microsoft’s Windows Vista’s kernel. And, Dvorak actually did sort of get the whole Intel-based Mac thing right long before it was announced. So, what do you think? Do you want a Mac that’s based on Microsoft’s Windows Vista kernel?

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  1. No way is Apple stupid enough to do this. Mac OS is secure and stable because it is based on open source Unix, and is not dependant on Microsoft.

    These articles are dreams of very jealous microsoft supported writters. They covet mac users who don’t read their weekly output. The world they report on is undergoing massive changes and they are scared out of their minds.

  2. While I’ve heard a lot about changing from the mediocre performance of the Mach kernal, why would anyone use the untested, unshippable Vista product?

    My Comp Sci Master’s degree buddy says the XP kernel contains the GUI already, so running OS X’s GUI on top of it doesn’t sound plausible. Another *NIX kernel maybe.

    MDN Magic Word “glass” – some of these guys have been snorting white powder off of glass.

  3. This is pointless, if the thing that makes a mac different is the operating system, why on earth would Apple EVER use Vista for its kernel? Why would Apple relinquish all of the benefits, the main reasons people like OSX. Most of all, why would Apple choose a kernel from their arch enemy? They’d go with Solaris or Linux BEFORE they’d ever use Microsoft’s kernel.

  4. I just quote Forest Gump “stupid is is stupid doeoeoeoes”

    If this person really believes it makes sense to replace a working stable secure solution with a much-hyped-not-quite-there-idiocy, maybe he will also be interested in buying sacs of air.
    I will even make him an offer he can’t refuse: 2 sacs of air for the price of only 99.99. Payment up front…

    But I guess “Sharp” ate too many mushrooms

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