IT departments may look at Mac OS X due to latest delay of Windows Vista

“I’ve talked in the past about how IT departments need to rethink their positions against the widespread use of Apple computers and Mac OS X in their organizations. I’ve talked about the fact that many of the old myths from the mid-’90s about the Macintosh just aren’t true. There’s plenty of software for the platform, proprietary protocols are a thing of the past, and the price of entry isn’t that different from what you’d pay for a system from any Tier 1 PC vendor,” Michael Gartenberg writes for Computerworld.

“I won’t even go into issues such as virus attacks and spyware being virtually nonexistent problems for Mac users. Instead, I’ll focus on three new reasons for business users to look more closely at Apple Computer: the company’s migration from Power PC to Intel processors; its announcement of Boot Camp for running Windows XP natively on an Intel Mac; and the recently announced delay of Microsoft’s Vista operating system,” Gartenberg writes. “While the delay holds no earth-shattering implications for IT, it does mean there’s a window of opportunity to take a closer look at what else is out there now, ready to be put to use in your organization. I’m not suggesting that most businesses would be better served deploying Mac OS over Windows. I’m not even suggesting that Mac OS is right for some aspect of every business. However, these developments do dangle some low-hanging fruit that IT departments can exploit for positive results. In this case, that fruit just may be an Apple.”

Full article here.

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  1. “…sure you could boot another OS, but you still need drivers for fans and other things that come with Apple hardware.”

    You’re a little confussed. The issue with the fan in the Intel Macs running constantly while running Windows occurred with the solution developoed by two guys that craked how to run Windows on these new Macs.

  2. I’d love to hear that IT departments are giving a serious second look to switching to the Mac platform and have it be true, but I have to call bull on this one.
    Businesses right now don’t care about Vista. Vista, at least according to the way MS has publicized it, is COMPLETELY aimed at the consumer. XP may have been a major upgrade over 2000, but in no way is Vista a major upgrade. It’s just fodder for the consumer. So maybe IT departments are looking at Macs now because they know Windows is slowly becoming even more of a piece of trash, but it has nothing to do with the delay.

  3. Here’s a link to a Reuter’s report about Aozora Bank switching to Macs:

    Note the 3rd paragraph from the bottom where CTO Bill Chute basically says the switch was ultimately less about trend and more about tech. issues. Hmmmm

    Sounds like a slap in the face to notion that “real” business machines are Windows, or even MS-DOS based.

  4. I’m IT. Granted a low level computer tech with no decision in purchasing but I use and love Macs. I can tell you though with certainty that if I suggested replacing even 1 PC with a Mac it wouldn’t happen. On the other hand I know we won’t be in any rush to switch to Vista. We’re just now almost done with our migration from Win 2000 to XP =).

  5. I am a systems administrator for a professional college at a large state university. Every computer I’ve ever owned personally has been by Apple. I don’t want to deal with that crap on my OWN time…

    Slowly people are starting to see the light. We’ve had defections (one the Dean of the college) from Windows to Macs.

    One Department head just bought himself a brand new quad G5 and MacBook, plus two iMacs for his lab. (but he was a big Mac user when he got here)

    The Mac presence in ths College has gone up to about 15% of all systems (about 40 Macs, all told, last I counted), and more and more students are coming in with them, as well.

    Windows still dominates, but this is up from *three* macs not too many years ago, and an officially Mac-hostile IT department. (I had to do any Mac evangelism on the sly…)

    And lordy lordy lordy I know about all the MSCE’s…we advertised for a Lunix/Unix sysadmin and got about 5000 resumes showing not a speck moment of unix experience from MSCE holders, who slathered the damn logo all over everything like their resume was a freakin’ Nascar car.

    If they couldn’t even read the ad, why should I let them near my systems?

    Still, big corporate IT is still standardized on Win2K, and for good reason. It was the high-water mark, imo, of the Windows OS.

    The delay with Vista isn’t going to mean a wehole lot to them, certainly not to the extent of abandoning windows.

    We’re going to see vista as it trickles in on new systems, as old ones are replaced.

  6. What if Apple’s OS was successful in deep penetration of the large business computer market, say they were heading for a 20% market share overall?
    Then the pushback would be enormous, because Apple has both the OS and the hardware, and no other company could muscle in. So they would go the political route, and force companies to split their orders, or legislate to open up Apple’s OS and /or hardware. Whereas MS does not control the hardware market, so there is more of an appearance of competition amongst the hardware manufacturers.

    And large companies don’t like to have to order computers from just one company. Even though they mostly end up with Windows, their focus seems to be on the hardware, taking the o/s for granted as the de facto standard. Of course, if Apple licensed its OS things would be very different, but at least consumers would get more choice in hardware and price. Apple, however, would lose its sparkle. So it is best to stay a bit under the radar because size can bring unwanted and unforeseen problems.

    Still and all, Hortense thinks that companies that move holos bullus to the OSX will have a competitive advantage, but their in-house psychiatrixes mightn’t have as many patients to feed: can’t have too many happy campers in the pen. Work must be made as unpleasant as barnyard effluent, after all.

  7. Most large corporations are using Active Directory and Exchange Server as enterprise directories and messaging, respectively. A Mac is totally out of place in the direction to centrally manage all corporate assets. Group Policy and SMS software deployments/inventory are ignored by the Mac. Until companies migrate OFF of AD or Exchange (not very likely), the Mac will continue to stand out as a unmanageable stepchild in an otherwise managed environment.

  8. I think that Microsoft is doing a stealth job here…. They are letting VISTA take all the heat, when it fact it VISTA is only going to be the ‘consumer’ version of the next windows.
    What you are not hearing about is Microsoft doing an Apple. They are as we speak, blog, what ever, quietly, and with great stealth developing an IT version of its software. this software won’t even be available at retail outlests, and will be All corporate, all snug tight with REAL security. Microsoft will charge big bucks for it, and corporations will pay big bucks for it. Vista and Xbox will be small blips on Microsofts balance sheet compared to this.

    Think about it: expecting Vista to be a consumer version and a commercial version all on one OS is a bit much….. Will Vista tie right in to the corporate version Sure. But they will be completely different. Who knows? the commercial version might be UNIX Based. Vista will attempt to mimic the Mac application software, with tepid poorly thought out knock off versions of the ILife suite. Vista will suck, but people will buy it anyway because the don’t know any better, and thats what they are used to.

    Me? I only want XP because of some rather esoteric Napoleonic war era strategy games not ever available on my beloved mac. In fact I wouldn’t even connect the XP side of my mac to the internet for fear of catching a virus. Just for games- a few, select strategy games. Thats it? Why bother with anything else?


    Apple has stated over and over that they are a consumer products company.

    Not a godfarting enterprise or buisness company.

    So go take Toms Cruise stupid religion, my dead stinking chicken and shove it far up Ballmers ass, right next to the chair.

  10. That’s what I was kind of saying Andrew. Vista is Micrsofts feeble attempt to be consumer product OS X knock off. Vista can’t be both consumer and Business (corporate) OS. So they break it up.. YOu just aren’t hearing about the business side of it yet because MS knows they need to deliver a rock solid, absolute secure, Ft. Knox OS for Corporate use. That’s where the money is for them.

    OS X is just the frame of reference for VISTA, but for them there is no money it it anymore. If Dell is selling a PC for $399, how much of that is MS’s take? $30 bucks maybe for a legitimate OS? Not a lot in it for them. Even Apple, as you so descriptively put it, is a consumer/ hardware company. They want to sell you hardware, or have you shop on their site. Hence the stores in upscale shopping centers. Ever see a Microsoft store? Why would they?

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