IT departments may look at Mac OS X due to latest delay of Windows Vista

“I’ve talked in the past about how IT departments need to rethink their positions against the widespread use of Apple computers and Mac OS X in their organizations. I’ve talked about the fact that many of the old myths from the mid-’90s about the Macintosh just aren’t true. There’s plenty of software for the platform, proprietary protocols are a thing of the past, and the price of entry isn’t that different from what you’d pay for a system from any Tier 1 PC vendor,” Michael Gartenberg writes for Computerworld.

“I won’t even go into issues such as virus attacks and spyware being virtually nonexistent problems for Mac users. Instead, I’ll focus on three new reasons for business users to look more closely at Apple Computer: the company’s migration from Power PC to Intel processors; its announcement of Boot Camp for running Windows XP natively on an Intel Mac; and the recently announced delay of Microsoft’s Vista operating system,” Gartenberg writes. “While the delay holds no earth-shattering implications for IT, it does mean there’s a window of opportunity to take a closer look at what else is out there now, ready to be put to use in your organization. I’m not suggesting that most businesses would be better served deploying Mac OS over Windows. I’m not even suggesting that Mac OS is right for some aspect of every business. However, these developments do dangle some low-hanging fruit that IT departments can exploit for positive results. In this case, that fruit just may be an Apple.”

Full article here.

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  1. Mudflapper is right. These people are lazy, and stubborn. They’d rather just stick to their old tired arguments against Macs than actually have to learn something new. The argument that people don’t like change begins and ends with these guys when it comes to computers.

  2. It’ll take a bigger problem than Vista being late and losing Millions to Malware and spyware. There’s just nothing in OS X to impress a your average IT person. They don’t get the nuances, they see what they have as “Good As” with no motivation to think better. Not to mention that management is even more in the dark than the IT dept.

  3. If I switched my organization to Macs, then I’d have to fire 2/3 of my IT staff, and then my IT budget would be so much smaller, that my importance in the organization would be diminished.

    The problem is Macs are TOO good!

  4. I’ve been buying and selleing pcs since they were born, and I can tell you that the world is at least a full generation of IT professionals away from even considering anything but Windows. And that’s only if the current trend begins to accelerate over the next five years. (The trend being more positive media coverage, more interest by end users that aren’t already non-Windows users, etc.)

    I do love the sentiment though – and I love to be dead wrong too.

  5. That is pure nonsense. Where I work the IT dept is only ow getting rid of our Win 98 machines, only because MS is dropping support. The “new” machines are old Compaq boxes they bought. I did not know that HP was even shipping computers with a Compaq logo on it.

    They do not want change. And there is never any money for anything.

  6. DIMEBAG: Do you work for a tabloid? Becuase if you do, I will sue you. And believe me, I know the history of frivolous lawsuits. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  7. I ran across some sort if InfoWorld or whatever article that looked at the questio of whether LINUX was positioned to take advantage of Vista delay, XP viruses…In short, this same theory, but for LINUX.

    You know what, it was all the same rationale – software, installed base/retraining….blahblahblah…

    Ain’t never gonna happen for either platform.

  8. IT depts not looking at Apple? Who says?

    I think AT&T qualifies as having an IT dept and a programmer friend of mine who’s been with SBC for 20 years says THEY’RE looking at Apples (funny, they don’t call them Macs).

    Real IT depts won’t be upgrading to Vista ANYTIME SOON because they already know it’s gonna be full of bugs and rewrites.

    An IT friend at Hallmark Cards told me they spent too much on their customized Windows system and won’t be upgrading to any newer version soon but THEY’RE looking at Macs (their art department still uses Macs and they’re the only reliable machines in the joint). All the Windows users there are envious of the Mac users because the Macs work great (the whole place used to be Mac but some butt face in IT talked corporate pinheads into Windows because it’s so much cheaper. If they migrate to Apple hardware they get better support, better hardware, and the ability to boot out of Windows to Macintosh when they don’t need to be on the corporate network.

    I’m sick of hearing about BootCamp because I have no intention of polluting my pristine Macs with that malware, but BootCamp is one of the biggest advances to come out of Apple in years.

    MafiaSoft should be pissed at Apple if for no other reason, it nullifies MS purchase of Virtual PC. I secretly hope that Apple gave Connectix a heads up so they could sell their flagship software to MS before Apple dropped the bomb and made it useless.

  9. One more-besides just upgrading to XP on the desk top, some of our ABSOLUTELY most critical applications are still MS-DOS. My company is in no way worried about Vista’s delay

  10. I’m a pro-Apple IT person. Yes, I’m lazy. Why is it so hard to believe that I’d rather deal with a company full of nice quiet problem-free Macs, instead of a company full of virus- and spyware-laden WIndows machines?

    Sure, there’s job security in cleaning spyware off the CEO’s computer for the third time this week. But there’s job satisfaction in knowing that no matter what website the CFO goes to on his Mac, I won’t need to clean it off.

    The IT people who are most rabidly anti-Mac are usually the ones you don’t want to hire anyway: the ones with tech skills and knowledge that are five or six years behind the times, as shown by their complete ignorance of OS X and its BSD/Mach foundations.

    All that said, though, it will take an evolutionary change for Apple to unseat Microsoft. The companies that use Macs will need to spend less on IT infrastructure, and will thus be able to easily outcompete the companies that use Windows. The proof of this is left as an exercise for the first company with enough nerve to try it.

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