Cruisebox’s ‘On a Podcast’ song a podcasting rock anthem

“A quintet of ‘podheads’ in Oklahoma has struck cyber-gold on the Internet with a rock-and-roll song that celebrates podcasts and denigrates terrestrial radio. “On a Podcast” is a light-hearted and profane anthem praising the freedom that artists have to create and distribute their own music over the Net and through file downloads,” Frank Barnako reports for MarketWatch. “‘I just got introduced to podcasts a month ago,’ said Greg St. Clare, writer of the song and producer of the band known as Cruisebox. ‘When I discovered it, my head freaking exploded because now the gatekeepers, the big radio conglomerates, are out of the way, and artists can take their creative products directly to the listeners.'”

“St. Clare’s been playing music for about 25 years. Based in Oklahoma City, he and partner Chris Hicks, the band’s lead guitarist, operate a recording studio business. St. Clare’s background includes work with advertising agencies where he’s written radio jingles, giving ‘On a Podcast’ a familiar Top-40 commercial sound,” Barnako reports. Full article here.

From Cruisebox’s website: That Podcast is the online home of the band Cruisebox and our forthcoming CD: Tell The FCC To Stick It. Like other musicians and music lovers worldwide, we think podcasting freakin’ rocks.

Direct link to “On A Podcast” song (.mp3) [Explicit version] – here.
Direct link to “On A Podcast” song (.mp3) [Clean version] – here.

More info, lyrics, and links to other versions of “On a Podcast” here.


  1. Clearly speaking only for myself (especially at MDN), I see no reason for an “explicit” version of something that MDN suggests could be “podcasting’s rock anthem.” Does it really hurt someone to keep it clean, since there is such a version anyway? Any such “anthem” should be such that everyone can hear it. my most humble and personal of opinions.

    (Of course, declining to evaluate that version, I have no concept as to which oratorial selections would have rendered it “explicit” in the first place.)

  2. Quote: ” I see no reason for an “explicit” version”

    That’s the point. There is no reason. There are no censors. You see the warning, and choose for yourself weather to listen or not.

    Podcasting is the future and the future is now.

  3. “That’s the point. There is no reason.”

    Just because someone CAN do something does not mean they should. Social free-for-all’s help no one. Freedom comes with responsibilities, for oneself, for society, and for each other. America’s founding fathers knew that, even as they wanted to protect our liberty from those had tried to take it away.

    “There is no reason” for people to choose to have no standards for themselves and to attempt to strip those standards from others. The only reasons are stupidity, ignorance, and selfishness.

    …of course, that is merely in my most humble of very personal opinions…

  4. “There is no reason for people to choose to have no standards for themselves and to attempt to strip those standards from others. The only reasons are stupidity, ignorance, and selfishness. “

    There is also no reason for people to enforce “their standards” onto others. Some people might enjoy life more if they remove the stick from their a$$

  5. maybe if Weird Al had written it… but that songs is a disgrace to anyone who’s ever picked up a musical instrument…

    Now I have to listen to some Mariah Carey to get a better song that I hate stuck in my head!!

  6. “There is also no reason for people to enforce ‘their standards’ onto others.”

    I don’t recall anything in my post “forcing” standards on others. In fact, it would appear to be you who wants to enforce standards (being lack of them) on others. It is your post, bob, that would appear to want insist on your standards. By refusing to understand, let alone accept, anyone else’s positions, you are doing exactly what you are preaching against: establishing your own standards you want all others to accept. In fact, my post discussed concern about attempts to strip standards from others – exactly as you would like to do.

    If people understood what was being said, ignorance would not be an issue. Without that understanding, communication does not exist.

    I’m sure you understand what I am saying, bob.

    In any case, you appear to rail pretty strongly against what is merely my most humble of personal opinions, hardly a position that can force you, or others, to change standards.

    I certainly apologize if I have disturbed you.

    Here, have a stick.

  7. To each,

    I think the song is what the article is about. That is who asked me. From your last line, one might think that you, joining together with bob, would also like to stomp on all standards other than your own. I’m sure I simply misunderstand.

    By way of apology, let me see if I might offer a short piece of leftover stick for you. My way of apologizing for what were obviously my bad manners by writing such a post. Far be it from me to express an opinion that everyone would not immediately embrace as their own!

    Having had similar “conversations” on MDN before, I am well aware of the occasional rabble that frequent the site. No problem! Continue to rouse away!

    MW: “western” MDN: the Wild West site of the Mac world! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  8. It IS a pretty pathetic excuse for a song.
    BTW, great thing about MDN is that everyone here feels free to voice their opinion. No need for anyone to “ask” anyone else to speak up!
    Oh, you boys…

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