IBM embraces podcasting phenomenon

“IBM is the latest major company to embrace podcasting, the digital audio craze that allows consumers to take audio programming off the Web and listen to it on portable music players,” Eric Auchard reports for Reuters. “The world’s largest computer company said on Friday it plans to introduce a series of occasional podcasts on its investor relations site as part of a broader effort to communicate directly to its investors and the wider public about hot topics. ‘These are insights that our consultants get from conversations with customers into emerging issues,’ spokesman John Bukovinsky said of the conversations IBM plans to feature in coming months. ‘They are not IBM commercials.'”

“Podcasting has caught fire as a way for news and radio broadcasters to deliver recorded programming for listeners to play on their music players — allowing for a kind of radio programming on the go, but without the radio. The technology is not for everybody, however. Consumers need a digital music player, a broadband Internet connection and some technical proficiency to manage the quirks of moving large chunks of audio data between a PC and a portable music player,” Auchard reports. “Apple Computer Inc is offering a wide selection of podcasts to consumers via its iTunes online music site. Listeners can tune in and subscribe to audio updates of news, travelogues and other radio-like programming.”

Full article here.
Consumers, of course, do not need a digital music player at all to listen to a podcast. Just fire up iTunes, click “Podcasts” and listen to it right on your computer.

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  1. I read a report from Reuters back in the 80’s about how newfangled shiny Disc were going to replace vinyl LPs. They explained that the Discs were invented by the Queen of The Fairies and made by magic elves.

    The mass media will catch up. In this case, they had better hurry.

  2. Apple needs to do a follow-up to their right-cross podcasting punch by releasing a new iLife app that specifically is designed to allow people to easily create, publish, and promote their podcasts.

    Call it Podcaster or whatever, but such a consumer app would really throw gasoline on the podcasting fire.

  3. Garageband is already being used to create podcasts, but it’s too complicated for the casual user. GB is great for casual musicians and DJs (as well as professional ones!), but the average users needs something specfically made for creating and publishing podcasts.

    For example, you don’t need GB’s ability to lay out hundreds of separate tracks. Podcaster (TM) would need two. Make it really, really simple to mix and add transitions. And make it a one-click affair to publish it directly to the iTunes directory.

    Apple could totally take control of the way podcasting content is created and distributed to the point that it wouldn’t make sense to do it on any other platform.

  4. yeah, that’s a good idea. But why not call it iCast? Or is that already taken?
    What I’m still waiting for tho is too have the ability to use my iPod as a receiver/sender (WiFi) “tuning” into other iPods as I move around. Now that would be a new definition of radiostations. But then again all WiFi iPods would be banned from flights. oh well.

  5. isnt ibm aware its called blogcast or what ? talkin about blogs – why isnt apple doing anything easy around the blog hype ? some iBlog app/util directly connected to .mac or whatever ?

  6. i don’t think Podcasting will die, but I sure hope it will get better! It would be nice to see tutorials and tech stuff been made like this as well. Maybe if one made walk-throughs with still images for an iPod/photo it would make a cool alternative to normal trouble shootin or manuals as well. Oh wait, that idea is silly.

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