AnandTech: Apple’s Mighty Mouse ‘isn’t exactly perfect’

“Apple created a truly interesting product with the Mighty Mouse; essentially, they’ve created a one button mouse that is a bit more flexible than their prior one-button offerings, but definitely not a mouse that is catered to the needs of those who depend on multi-button mice,” Anand Lal Shimpi writes for AnandTech.

“The scroll ball is nice, although I’d like to see some control over the number of lines per scroll click. The side buttons are horrible and it would be nice to make them a little easier/more convenient to use, but then again, that may conflict with Apple’s desire to make the Mighty Mouse still look and work like a single-button mouse,” Lal Shimpi writes. “For the single button mouse user, the Mighty Mouse brings scrolling functionality to Apple’s mice, which is much needed. And for all intents and purposes, the default configuration of the Mighty Mouse acts and behaves just like a single button mouse with a scroll wheel. In the sense of Apple’s ability to bring scrolling functionality to their single-button mouse users, the Mighty Mouse works. But if you are a user who needs to have and frequently uses that second mouse button, the Mighty Mouse isn’t exactly perfect.”

Full review here.

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  1. It’s a mouse it looks nice but the diagonal scrolling is terrible along with the side buttons being in an awkward position. Kensington and Logitech both make better mice with better more programable software. Logitech’s wireless laser has side scrolling. However it is unique in left and right clicking.

  2. I played around with a Mighty Mouse today at an Apple Store. It is a very nice mouse but by no means perfect. The side scrolling is very poor, the side buttons are tough to depress, and it’s not wireless. I’ll wait until His Steveness comes out with Mighty Mouse 2 (with the physical bugs worked out and wireless).

  3. Id say that “Small Balls” would be the least of your problems PeaPod ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />
    I have to say that I am currently very happy at work useing Apple’s one button mouse. Since I own a PC as well I a pretty used to a typical PC mouse. It sounds like the mouse luch like any other device that Ive’s team comes up with will be open to design scrutiny from the wider community out there.

  4. The one-button mouse idea was conceived back in the 50s. Now 50 years later, Apple has to dumb-down it’s latest mouse iteration to satisfy the stubborn, obsolete, one-button idiots who don’t have the sense to find out why over 90% of computer users are thriving with multiple buttons. It’s obstinence, plain and simple. I’m personally ticked the one-buttoners have to ruin it for the rest of us who have longed for 21st century technology on par with Windows puters. Thanks for nothing one-buttoners. You are hopeless.

  5. Thoughtful article, although many of us Mac users went to a multi-button mouse years ago. I probably wouldn’t have Anand’s problem as I tend to lift my index finger off the mouse with my Logitech. But of course I won’t know until I try one.

    Joy of Tech called it a “titmouse” but I agree with dumpsterdiver its more of a “clitmouse” fun scrolling ahead!

  6. Multi-buttoners don’t get it. Sure, right-clicking is great, but it requires learning and skill. Macs are supposed to be usable out of the box, not just for experienced computer users, but for everyone. That’s the reasoning behind the simple, one-button mouse — the only mouse a computer really needs. It’s the software developers hiding much-needed functionality in contextual menus (right-click menus) that are ruining it for computer users everywhere.

    Apple did a great thing here. They delivered a mouse that is one-button, but can morph into a multiple buttons for those users that desire it and know how to use it. Simple, the Apple way.

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