Apple’s Dual 2.7GHz Power Mac G5: ‘some seriously impressive hardware’

“Ask any Mac expert which system they would sell their grandmother for and they will have the answer out before you can say ’64-bit processing’ – and it has been my great pleasure to have that very system for a test drive. Apple’s top-shelf Mac, the Power Mac G5, is some seriously impressive hardware,” Chris Oaten writes for The Advertiser.

Oaten writes, “The review machine’s specs were: dual-2.7GHz G5 processors with a 1.35GHz front-side bus per processor, 2.5GB PC3200 DDR 400 RAM (512MB RAM is standard, expandable to 8GB), 250GB HD, 512K L2 cache per processor, 16x SuperDrive (DVD+R DL -comdual-layer, DVDR/CD-RW), three PCI-X slots, and ATI Radeon 9650 video card with 256MB DDR video memory. Drool.”

“This G5 is the ultimate Mac on offer from Apple now. It is pricey, sure, especially so when you start adding in the BTO options, but its performance is top-notch and Tiger (OS 10.4) is absolutely rock-solid. It is hard to imagine any professional user of graphics and video applications being less than satisfied with the dual-2.7GHz G5,” Oaten writes.

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  1. i just purchased the dual 2.7 after waiting for ever for a quad MP, and I’m more than satisified. I own a large format print shop and everything is zillion meg layered PSD or PDF files, and my workflow/productivity has gone through the roof with this machine. I’m very pleased.

  2. Oh, fer cryin’… If you’re gonna “do” Sputnik, at least put the “(c)” symbol at the end. If you don’t, you’re not even trying.

    Worst. Sputnik. Ever.

    As for this review, it’s not exactly timely is it? Why not review the iPod Shuffle why you’re at it? I hear it’s really small and doesn’t have a screen.

  3. Yawn…

    Great. It’s fast. Faster than any other Mac. Kind of like reviewing a specific model car against the version with a smaller engine. It’s easy, requires little research, and has little opportunity to offend somebody else.

    How does it compare to other computers running the same task? Here’s where you’ll get into murky water.

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