RUMOR: New 3GHz Apple Power Mac G5 models coming soon

“Stocks of the Power Mac G5 at the Apple Store online are now listing 7-10 day waits, MacBidouille reports. This is the usual signal from Apple that we’re due for a new model,” Remy Davison reports for Insanely Great Mac. “MacBidouille, in fact, originally reported this about a week ago, stating that stocks of the G5s were almost exhausted. However, the US Apple Store was still listing 1-2 day wait last week. At time of writing, the US Store says 7-10 days. Other Apple online stores worldwide are reporting similar wait times.”

Davison reports, “The word around the traps is that the base model might be 2GHz (single processor), with a 2.5 or 2.6GHz DP in there somewhere. DP 3GHz is for the more optimistic tipsters. Given that the availability of high-end processors is likely to be constrained, one wonders whether Apple would go with DPs – at least to begin with.”

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  1. Now.. I don�t think that Steve will introduce new things in the WWDC.
    That would be so silly thing to do. There is only thousands of developers in that show. It is not the best place to demo the new PowerMac line.

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  2. Uh, sorry to rain on the G5 Powerbook hopefuls. Apple just updated the Powerbook line. The G5 chip is still a hot little bugger.

    My sources say Apple has been working on liquid cooling and Apple Insider supposedly has manual pictures showing the new G5 with a missing front CPU fan, but still keeping the rear CPU fan assembly.

    I don’t know why Apple would want to try liquid cooling on a supposedly cooler new chip, perhaps this is a start of new trend? It’s going to cost more and distract from the balanced looks of the present Powermac G5.

    I hope it’s full Dual 3 Ghz, I’m not buying one unless it is. I already have a Dual 2 Ghz and it’s plenty powerful.

    I think we shall see a update to the iMac line, that’s the only thing missing right now. PowerMac’s, PowerBoooks and iBooks, eMacs all got theirs.

  3. I’m really optimistic…I’m expecting a terrabyte of storage capacity
    and quad G5’s. ha! Apple needs to push the envelope, don’t they?
    I still think the G5 case, especially with the new scaled down G5’s, is entirely overbuilt for just two processors. I may be wrong, but I have high expectations from Jobs. Apple can exist as they are, but their passion is being first and changing the world at the same time.

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