Motley Fool contributor says ‘music download firms don’t get it’ but doesn’t try Apple iTunes

“I had my first go at paying to download music the other day and it left much to be desired. I didn’t even look at Roxio because after I wrote about its earnings, I was warned that its software was intrusive. Then, I eliminated RealNetworks’ Rhapsody and Time Warner’s AOL because they both required that customers buy a subscription for the privilege of paying them again to download songs,” Mark Mahorney writes for The Motley Fool.

“Both Sony’s Connect and Apple’s iTunes required that I download software, but with Sony, as far as I could tell, I had to download the software before I could even see what music it had to offer,” Mahorney writes. “With the choices narrowed down to iTunes,, and Wal-Mart… I went with Wal-Mart to save a buck, and I got what I paid for. Per the service, I had to read the help files in Microsoft’s Media Player to burn


  1. >even though iTunes’ CD burns couldn’t be more “foolproof.”

    He could probably mess up with iTunes, too. “Foolproof devices are; when a fool uses them, you have all the proof you need.”

  2. Yeah, this “review” was pretty weak. I mean come on, he whines because you have to download iTunes first? That’s really the only step you have to take to use the service. Put this guy firmly in the “if it’s not from Microsoft and it doesn’t come with Windows, it must not exist or it’s too hard to use” camp. Microsoft’s core user base.

    You can also add this article to the list of all of the “when company X comes out with their online store, they’ll kick Apple’s ass, even though they have no product currently” pieces. I just love how all of these company’s with no products and no experience in the space are touted to beat Apple. Kind of like all of the “iPod killers.”

  3. oh my god.. he didn’t want to actually try the services.. why did he insist on weaseling out of his freakin’ responsibilities… what an immature take on the download market…

    he thinks the more webbed a store is, the more successful it will be..but really.. amazon would suck since the songs would just drop into a folder called ‘downloads’ and you would have to then go and put it into your music player.. apple’s solution obviously is the way to go..

    what a disappointing take on what is a very fresh market..

    oh well.. at least he was able to acknowledge that apple has the strongest brand of all the services.. DUH

  4. “Then I found that none of the services had all the songs that I wanted. That’s not their fault necessarily, as it’s an artist and label issue. But, to get most of the songs on my list, I was going to have to use more than one service.”

    It does appear that he tried iTunes, and Wal-Mart. He would have had to load iTunes to search for songs. He foolishly (pun intended) decided to purchase via Wal-Mart. He really should have purchased songs from at least two sources to justify an article.

  5. And his claim of computer “literacy” also falls short of the mark, too. If he’d been more literate, he would have tried EVERY service he mentioned, and provided a more specific comparison of each separate experience. Since he’s a wintel guy, you suppose he was afraid of what that would have revealed? You bet.

  6. My 62 year old mother has been using her first computer ever (an iBook) for about two months. She’s buying music on iTunes and putting it on her iPod–without my help after the initial instruction.

    Yeah, buying music on the ITMS isn’t for the average user; it’s for the below average user. What does that say about the author of this article?

  7. “Now my computer literacy is well above average — not to brag — “

    anyone who doesn’t try iTunes because they have to “download” software for some Windows fear like spy ware or virus, does not have above average computer literacy….. as a matter of fact, i would venture to say anyone beating them self up with every windows problem is down right computer illiterate, while a Mac person enjoys and actually gets work down with their computer.

    find out why people “brag” about their BMW’s and Harleys and Macs as they sit in wonder about why people beat themselves up with such poorly thought out products like windows offerings…….


  8. Just sent the guy an email urging him to try the Apple iTMS before painting all music stores in the same broad brushtroke os suckitude. Geesh I wish people would do research before making statements like he did….

  9. I agree with this guy. Wal-Mart’s music store proves that all download services suck. I don’t buy clothes anymore, either, because all I can find at Wal-Mart is NASCAR t-shirts and camouflage pants.

  10. Errata:
    Music Download Firms Don’t Get It [Motley Fool Take] — should be:
    Music Download Firms [Motley Fools Don’t Get It]

    Fool contributor Mark Mahorney doesn’t own shares of any companies mentioned — should be:
    Fool Mark Mahorney doesn’t try products or services he reviews.

  11. Do you ever get tired of incompetence in the world? I just don’t get it. MDN does a great job, on a DAILY basis, of exposes these kinds of people who do things quick and dirty, then publish an article like this.

    Thurrott is another great example. I personally feel people like these two clowns are used to working in a half assed manner…probably due to the half assed systems they work on. I mean truely how can this guy write an article like this while ONLY trying ONE site!!!!!!

    Hang and quarter him ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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