Apple execs miffed over Toshiba’s 60GB iPod hard drive leak

“Apple executives are reported to be ‘more than a little mad’ Wednesday after published reports that a Toshiba hard drive manager officially confirmed a new 1.8-inch hard drive with a 60GB capacity would soon be in full production and that Apple had committed to buying the drive. The report clearly puts Apple in a difficult position to deny a new, higher-capacity iPod is coming and harks back to a similar screwup by graphics company ATI in 1999, which took a costly toll on its relationship with Apple CEO Steve Jobs,” ThinkSecret reports.

“‘Somebody [at Toshiba] opened their big mouth and either it was taken out of context or was ‘off-the-record’ or this person really did just confirm it all,’ said a hard drive industry analyst familiar with how technology companies work business relationships. ‘There is no good way to handle this now. Toshiba screwed up and it could have major consequences, depending on how upset Steve Jobs is.'”

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  1. Well, as long as there aren’t wild rumors flying around about the price that might dissappoint everybody like with the Mini then this is not such a horrible thing. Steve does love his drama tho and I could see where he would be miffed if some drone at Toshiba has stolen some of his thunder.

  2. I wonder how many fucktards it takes to make a “first post” post and discover they aren’t the first poster before they just give it up.

    Sadly, never would be my guess. MDN is really turning into the immature child of Mac news, though not really through much fault of their own. Maybe more moderating is in order?

  3. Grow up Apple! It’s obvious how the product cycles work, this is not rocket science. Concentrate on putting out the stuff. People will still buy it no matter what. Even before this announcement, I told people to wait cos’ there will be newer ones coming out and yet they still buy it. So don’t worry…

  4. I guess Toshiba could say, Okay we know you are upset Apple so we will just not sell you any of the new little drives and you can wait till the next new series and we will do a better job of keeping it a secret.

    Really rumors about a 60 gig iPods have been circulating for a few months. People make mistakes, companies make mistakes i.e., all the little issues with the iPod Mini

  5. Right ‘rageous’!

    The silly first-posters are turning this forum into a kindergarten. Don’t they understand that nobody is impressed with anybody who happens to be the first to reply. It’s only the content of the post that interests us. And they give us none whatsoever.

  6. rwinters, the issue is they violated a non-disclosure agreement. That’s a matter of trust that every company must defend. Otherwise, the next guy will feel it’s not a big deal to leak secrets.

    Toshiba obviously must honor their contract with Apple for the 60GB drives, but Apple could seek compensation for the violation. And Apple may decide to begin to court other HD makers for the future and stop sharin their future plans with Toshiba. For both Toshiba and Hitachi (for the mini), Apple’s business with them is big money now and for the future. It is also less-risky (in terms of capital investments) than with all those little companies out there. My guess is that Apple is buying up over 95% of the Hitachi mini drives, and a much less but still substantial % of the Toshiba 1.8″ drives. (I believe most laptops still use 2.5″ drives.)

  7. I have a 30 GB iPod too nimrod. They brand us as suffering from “Early Adoptors Syndrome”. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  8. I have a 20 Gig iPod ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” /> If I had known within 2 months that they were going to come out with a 30 or 40 gig drive… I would have waited.

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