Thurrott: Apple iPod mini off to a ‘slow start’ with only 100,000+ preorders

“Apples’ [sic] iPod Minis [sic] started shipping this week, and Apple announced that it has received more than 100,000 preorders for the small, colorful, and overly expensive (at $250 a pop) devices. That may seem like a decent number, but consider the following: When Apple announced its first-generation iBook product line in 1999, the company received more than 125,000 preorders, and those machines cost over $1000 more per unit than the iPod Mini [sic]. We don’t mind paying for quality, but $250 is just too much scratch for what is essentially a tiny 4GB hard disk,” Paul Thurrott and Keith Furman report for Connected Home Media.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Paul Thurrott, the tech scribbler fraternity’s court jester, has become a major comedy act in print. Now, it seems, he’s dragged the never-before-mentioned-on-MDN Keith Furman into the act. We’ll keep an eye on Keith now, too. Paul’s airplane glue must be dripping into his PC, onto its Pentium hotplate, and the resulting fumes blowing out of his PC’s cheap fan directly into his face. Please, Paul, never stop writing this type of crap – it’s just too funny!


  1. Paul is an idiot!

    It should be noted that Apple sold 125,000 iPods in two months.

    Apple had 100,000 PRE-ORDERS in less time than that. I expect that many more people might have placed an order for the mini, but probably held off because they wanted to see it in real life first.

    Despite what dumba*s says, I think Apple has excellent numbers, especially when you figure that no ads (as far as TV, at least-unsure about print) have been run.

  2. I guess he hasn’t heard of the popular iRiver iFP-599T–SLIGHTLY larger than the Mini’s case, and holding 240 songs… for $450 ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    So, small has no value, does it?

    And he must have missed Apple’s financial analysts call, in which the Mini was revealed to cost over $200 to make.

    (Does he really think he can have an impact on stopping the Mini? I guess all he has to do is be seen to make an effort and collect his Microsoft $.)

  3. I wonder–has Dell sold 100,000 units TOTAL of its digital jukebox yet? How many iPod cloners have sold more than 100,000 of any of their models yet?

    Any sales figures?

    $24,900,000 in bank before shipping the first unit isn’t too shabby.

  4. Sure, he parted the Red Sea and saved thousands of his chosen people…that sounds like a good trick. But consider this: Just eons ago, he created the oceans, and gave life to millions. So, why get all excited about leaving Egyptian slavery for what is, essentially, a really long walk?

  5. Does paul have ANY idea what a BARE 4gb microdrive costs? you can get one cheap ($250-$350) here:;=

    Or you can buy a Creative Nomad MuVo2 mp3 player, rip out the drive, use it in your 10D digital camera, get a cheap 1gb microdrive, and you have a digital camera drive and a mp3 player for $200-$300 UNDER retail price for JUST the drive. Want proof? here:

  6. Whoa, that is a relief. I was starting to worry that our favorite clown is dead or something. Enderle is not idiotic enough to entertain us. Glad to have our village idiot back.

  7. Jeez! What is it with this guy? Can he be this disconnected and willfully blind? Or is he really an existentialist comic who’s researching material for his act by trolling for reactions to provocative statements? Reason and logic are alien concepts in his own little microverse, and he’s shown himself to have more nerve than rotten teeth and a skin like an insurance salesman. Enough of Thurr-idiott already.

  8. The only thing I can figure is that Paul is secretly working on his PhD thesis in psychology and writing lots of weird things so he can record the kinds of responses he gets. He seems literate; most of the things he writes that end with periods are complete sentences. This has to be one big scientific experiment on his part. If not, then I need to re-read Kafka and Dostoevsky in a new light (the Idiot, the Possessed, the Trial, etc.!).

  9. I propose we stop calling Mac bashers all the funny little names we have for them now (PC weenie comes to mind) and start lumping them all into one large group of ‘Thurrott’s’.

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