Schedule your Mac activity, fully charge your iPod with iBeeZz 2.0

Fully integrated into Mac OS X System Preferences, iBeeZz lets you to schedule your Mac’s activities. iBeeZz 2.0 delivered a new philosophy with a simple, clean interface. Each event, regardless of its type, can wake or startup your Mac. And each event is developed as a module, that permits use of custom modules. In 2.2 version, the following events are shipped:
– sleep
– wake up
– shutdown
– startup
– restart
– open file
– iTunes
– quit application.

The Open file option is particularly interesting in that this type of event permits you to open a document, launch an application, or execute a compiled AppleScript. You can add all documents, applications or AppleScripts using drag and drop on the list.

What are we using iBeeZz to do? Among other things, wake up our Macs from sleep 3 hours before we need to grab our iPod off the docks which guarantees us a fully-charged music player each and every day. See our article, iPod losing charge if connected to a sleeping Mac for more information. It also turns your Mac into a great alarm clock!

We’re running it on Mac OS X 10.3.2 and it works very well. A 30-day fully working download is available. It is well worth the


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