NY Post: Apple’s iPod mini ‘hits the streets with a roar;’ Apple.com traffic up 24 percent

“Apple Computer hit the cultural jackpot yesterday as its rainbow-hued iPod Mini – a portable jukebox barely larger than a business card – hit the streets with a roar. Hundreds of download-hungry music fans lined up at the company’s SoHo store to pick up the hot new gadget, and Apple said it had received 100,000 orders for the junior digital music player before its official 6 p.m. launch,” Heather Gilmore reports for The New York Post.

“The tiny but powerful audio tool – a mini version of Apple’s full-size iPod – had been touted for weeks, and many said they were not surprised by the company’s $25 million payday. ‘It’s off the charts,’ said iPod product manager Danika Cleary. ‘Folks can’t wait to get their hands on it.’ On Prince Street, Apple scruffs said they had received thousands of calls in the days preceding the launch, and late yesterday a platoon of nascent iPodders descended on the store,” Gilmore reports.

“‘There are certain things in life that are better small,’ said Manhattan model Kevin Lewis, 27, who stomped his feet in the late afternoon cold. ‘This is one of them. All my friends have the bigger one,’ he added. ‘I want the best one,'” Gilmore reports. “At an Upper West Side gym this week, half a dozen admiring carb-counters surrounded one woman who had an early copy of the scratch- and stain-resistant gadget.”

Gilmore reports, “Analysts said Apple.com, the company’s Web site, had a 24 percent increase in visits as frenzied fans checked out the new audio tool.”

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  1. In this consumer driven materialistic age its sad that a product can generate so much press when the world has many more important problems to discuss & solve. So I stand here embarrassed to say that I want one too. Why? Because it is the best at what it does.

  2. My Mom in Law wants one in pink but I don’t think they will hit Japan til like Apri??? I am still filling up my 30 gig but I think one also might make a nice present. Some article talked about the gift giving market being hot for this and I guess they were right. I want to share the iPod experience but want to do it as cheaply as possible. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” /> If they want something bigger later they can pay the extra for it themselves.

  3. The iPod Mini is a luxury item everyone can afford. It is one of those things that you have to have to feel modern and is important enough to your quality of life that you would want the best,

  4. Give me a break Sara, why can’t people enjoy themselves? Should we spend all our waking ours trying to eradicate world hunger? News flash, there will always be problems in the world as long as it is occupied by humans. Go join the peace corps and leave the rest of us alone to enjoy our iPods.

  5. there has to be a balance with this kind of thinking sara, i don’t feel bad that i bought my ibook g4 or that i am going to buy my ipod mini in a few weeks, i will have both of them for about 3 years, then sell them and upgrade (or upgrade and sell them). I won’t toss them in the garbage, i’ll pay for them with hard work, and i won’t have 20 of them, just enough for personal use. i understand your point, but it’s okay to have and want “things” as long as those “things” don’t become your compelete identity. And denying yourself all “things” shiny and pleasing won’t make people any less hungry.

  6. Back on topic…all I can say is Apple has a major winner on their hands here. They’ve taken all of the good aspects of the 3G iPod and have improved upon them with the mini. The smaller size, better navigation with the click wheel, brighter and clearer display, improved battery life, etc., all improve on what was already the finest music player in the world. All I can say is that I’m hard pressed to name any consumer electronics product I’ve been more satisfied with after purchase than I have been with the mini so far. So much so that I’m going to put my 3G iPod on eBay because the mini is all I could want or need.

  7. Helloooooo, Thurrott – where are you? Seems your story last week was a bit off…

    I was in the Denver Apple Store this weekend and it was packed. They are selling like hotcakes. Wait, how well are hotcakes selling these days? Maybe better than hotcakes!

  8. “The iPod Mini is a luxury item everyone can afford.”

    That’s not true. There are many people who can not afford an iPod mini or otherwise. Flame me all you want to, but I will still say that it is over priced. It’s probably well made and does it’s job well, but I’d have to agree w/ David Pogue and say that it is $50 over priced.

  9. WMF? Aryugaetsu? “Wrestling Men’s Federation”? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    Exnihilo. The iPod is the best of its class in the world. There are a limited number of times when you can buy something that you can be so sure is best of its class for as little as 250 dollars. And I am not sure but are you saying that if it was 200 dollars people could afford it but they can’t because it is 250 dollars? I think anyone that could afford to spend 200 could do the small stretch to 250… especially to have the best.

  10. My shame tops all of your’s!!!

    I got a call from my mom, a 50yo professional and a divorcee, and she started asking me about the iPod mini. Knowing that her two brain cells devoted to computing would not truly appreciate the glory of the Mini, I thought she was on a fishing expedition for my birthday present. WRONG!!! She pre-ordered one for herself and one for her boyfriend, but NONE for me!!! grr. Its wrong to raise the hopes of a mac user like that.

  11. It seems to me, with few exceptions, those people who can’t afford $250 can, almost daily, afford junk food, cigarettes, the legal or illegal drug of their choice and the legal or illegal game of chance of their choice. Whatever makes your day. Some of us like to listen to our tunes.

  12. Guys, you’re both wrong. Many, many people cannot afford the iPod mini. Only 8 percent of the world has indoor plumbging.

    That’s not to say you shouldn’t buy an iPod mini. Go ahead if you can afford it. But don’t forget to help others too when you get the chance.

    As I always said, fasting and sleeping with two naked young woman at a time is better than an iPod, but not by much. Woo hoo!

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