“In Steven Soderbergh’s latest feat of fast-paced film production, High Flying Bird, which will launch on Netflix this Friday, a renegade agent tries to end an NBA lockout by destabilizing the sport’s financial structure,” Ben Lindbergh reports for The Ringer.

High Flying Bird is a product of what Soderbergh believes to be a similar upheaval in the Hollywood system,” Lindbergh reports. “Shot entirely on an iPhone 8, High Flying Bird is Soderbergh’s second smartphone film, following last year’s psychological thriller Unsane, which he shot in two weeks on an iPhone Seven Plus.”

“‘If I had a traditional camera package … the film I think would not have been any better,’ Soderbergh said on The Bill Simmons Podcast last month. ‘It might have been worse. It certainly would have taken longer,'” Lindbergh reports. “High Flying Bird could hardly have taken less time; Soderbergh finished the first cut of the film less than three hours after wrapping principal photography. He’s always worked quickly and economically, but embracing the iPhone seems to have accelerated his already rapid pace.”

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