Yes, apps that record your screen are normal

“A report from TechCrunch is making the rounds, and says that apps secretly record your screen without telling you,” Andrew Orr writes for The Mac Observer. “Here’s why that’s not a big deal.”

“Popular apps from airlines, travel sites, carriers, banks, etc., all record your screen. Let’s get one thing out of the way first: Because iOS apps are sandboxed, they are unable to record what you do in other parts of your iPhone,” Orr writes. “An app can only record the screen within that app.”

Orr writes, “There are definitely real concerns about this, but it’s not a scandal, and screen recording isn’t an abuse of iOS.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Again, if session replay, which has legitimate uses, is being used in an app, the app’s users should be clearly informed and asked for their consent. All data transmitted from the user’s device to the developer should obviously be properly secured, as well.

Privacy means people know what they’re signing up for, in plain English, and repeatedly. I’m an optimist; I believe people are smart, and some people want to share more data than other people do. Ask them. Ask them every time. Make them tell you to stop asking them if they get tired of your asking them. Let them know precisely what you’re going to do with their data. — Steve Jobs

Many popular iPhone apps secretly record your screen without asking for permission – February 7, 2019


  1. Just like with Google, the only companies that are allowed to do this are the ones that pay greedy Cook.

    Apple privacy died with Jobs, right along with “It Just Works”.

    Now that we know Apple is selling us out for cash, coupled with Cook’s incompetence and predatory pricing… there is no longer a compelling reason to remain in the Apple walled garden.

    My next phone won’t be from Apple unless this company makes a 180 degree turn.

        1. If that is the rationale, then it is highly flawed. It isn’t the same at all. Would you prefer to own a boat with a few holes in the hull that can easily be patched or a boat made out of chicken wire?

          There is so much lameness and groupthink on this forum. For instance, Zerorandy posts that “…only companies that are allowed to do this are the ones that pay greedy Cook.” Where did that come from? Do you think that Apple owns “Glassbox”?

          Research before you post, Zerorandy:

          “Apps like Abercrombie & Fitch, and Singapore Airlines also use Glassbox, a customer experience analytics firm, one of a handful of companies that allows developers to embed ‘session replay’ technology into their apps.”

          Apple is not perfect. But I vastly prefer to work with a company that honestly believes in personal privacy and personal control over data than Google, who honestly believes that the only good bit is a bit that can be monetized.

    1. Fake Zerorandy stating he’ll switch to Android so he can have his privacy? You are a worse fake than ever! Sad. So so sad. Why don’t you just return your iPhone and buy a Nokia 3310 if you’re so, so fake and studpid?

  2. The problem here is that screen recording records THE WHOLE SCREEN, so these apps are recording text messages that pop up as notifications while you’re using the app. That’s a gross invasion of privacy.

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