“Warby Parker is out with an update to its iOS app that brings a useful new feature to its collection of spectacles: Virtual Try-On,” Michael Potuck writes for 9to5Mac. “With Apple’s ARKit and TrueDepth camera tech, the company’s new software lets users see ‘the realistic color, texture, and size of each style — using just your iPhone X [and later]’ while shopping for new glasses with its app.”

“Warby Parker’s app previously launched TrueDepth camera support for recommending glasses to users, but hasn’t implemented the tech into a virtual try-on experience until now,” Potuck writes.

Potuck writes, “Warby Parker notes using Apple’s 3D TrueDepth camera technology provides a hyper-realistic virtual try-on experience: ‘Our Virtual Try-On tool determines how glasses truly fit on your three-dimensional face using accurate measurements and a proprietary method we call ‘unique placement.’ Our placement algorithm mimics the real-life process of placing a pair of frames on your face, taking into account how your unique facial features interact with the frame. When you couple that with each frame’s vibrant color and vivid detail, the result is an experience so lifelike you’ll think you’re actually wearing them.'”

Warby Parker's AR app for iOS lets you try on glasses using your X-class iPhone

Warby Parker’s AR app for iOS lets you try on glasses using your X-class iPhone

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MacDailyNews Take: Here’s a great use for AR and yet another reason to choose a modern X-class iPhone!

The app, Glasses by Warby Parker, is available for free via Apple’s App Store here.