Morgan Stanley: Apple can return to $1 trillion market value this year with new media bundling, video streaming services

“Apple has made quite a comeback since it reported better-than-feared earnings, but many investors have little faith that the iPhone-maker can return to a $1 trillion market value with slowing smartphone demand,” Yun Li reports for CNBC. “Morgan Stanley, however, disagrees.”

“In fact, the bank said life beyond iPhone could extend last week’s 7 percent relief rally to another 27 percent gain from here this year. A slew of new services launching in 2019, including video streaming and a media bundle will be a big driver for Apple, according to Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty,” Li reports. “Apple plans to debut its video streaming service this spring, and Morgan Stanley expects the tech giant to introduce a ‘media bundle,’ which contains video streaming, Apple Music and the Texture news app. Huberty said in a note on Thursday that an expansion of Apple’s payments and advertising business is also on the horizon, she added.”

“The bank set its 12-month price target for Apple at $211, which is 27 percent higher than Friday’s closing price,” Li reports. “In addition, the bank is foreseeing more share repurchases from Apple this year, which could offer additional support to the stock prices.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We are also hoping to Apple’s video streaming service to hit in spring instead of waiting until next September/October, but we’ll believe ti when we see it. We may get the Texture-related service along with new the iPad and iPad mini soon, however.

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  1. So because an analyst says this it will happen this spring, (even thought Apple has given no date yet), has Apple just been set up for another round of badmouthing if they don’t deliver until later in the year because they might have actually learned from the Apple maps mistake and wont release this till it’s ready?

    1. Apple doesn’t need new content, as long as it puts on the biggest show on earth.

      It’s called “The Tim Cook Shit Show”.

      Unfortunately we have to tune in 24/7.

  2. I’m more interested in Apple holding its value rather than some momentary $1T market cap value. It was quite discouraging to see Apple lose a third of its value in a couple of months. It didn’t hold that $1T market cap value for very long and then suddenly it was only in fourth place in market value by quite a margin.

    I don’t trust Wall Street or any analysts making such wild claims about Apple share gain recovery. Apple’s stock value is like a house of cards waiting for a slight breeze to knock it over. Wall Street can easily find reasons to devalue the company with rumors that will send big investors running for the hills. It’s better if Apple finds a business model that will allow the company to hold it’s value once it reaches a certain level. I think Apple investors should have confidence in the way a company is being run so they don’t dump the stock so easily.

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