“In the fight over digital privacy, Apple is forever adding layer on layer of security to its iPhones. For most users, Apple’s approach is a great boon, keeping all their information away from thieves and hackers. But for America’s cops, it’s causing a headache, preventing them getting into iPhones where they could find valuable and timely information,” Thomas Fox-Brewster reports for Forbes. “That’s why police are increasingly turning to private contractors like GrayShift, which Forbes uncloaked earlier this year as it promised to hack its way into the latest Apple cellphones.”

“Is either side winning? From emails leaked to Forbes, and in conversations with police officials, it would appear on first glance that Apple’s latest updates to its iOS operating system truly have stymied the cops and their GrayKeys,” Fox-Brewster reports. “But, at the same time, police still have a way to hack into iPhones, even the latest models, the emails show. The messages were shared by an anonymous source who had access to a private email list subscribed to by members of the police and digital forensics communities.”

“In one email, dated July 19, a detective at the Oklahoma City Police Department wrote: ‘We have run into our first phone with 11.4.1 yesterday and it’s confirmed. Plugging the device into the GrayKey results in the phone signalling that it’s charging but they GrayKey does not recognize that a phone is plugged into it,'” Fox-Brewster reports. “After the Oklahoma City detective’s comment, forensics professionals on the email thread started discussing a way to circumvent USB Restricted Mode, as recently revealed by Russian company Elcomsoft. The bypass is remarkably simple: connecting an iPhone to an accessory device, such as a $39 Apple camera adapter, will reset the one-hour timer.”

MacDailyNews Take: Presto, another avenue for Apple to close post haste. And iOS gets even more secure!

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MacDailyNews Take: Always use long, custom, alphanumeric passcodes. Use at least seven characters – even longer is better – and mix numbers, letters, and symbols.

To change your passcode in iOS:
Settings > Face ID & Passcodes > Change Passcode > Passcode Options: Custom Alphanumeric Code

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