“We dropped $4,999 to get our hands on the hot new space gray Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard — and Apple was generous enough to throw in a brand-new iMac Pro for no extra charge!” iFixit writes. “Let’s take it apart and see what makes it tick.”

“Higher-end configurations with up to 18 processor cores will be available in a few weeks’ time — if you’re looking to spend $13,000 USD or more, that is,” iFixit writes. “[Inside is] one GPU, which sadly is BGA-soldered in place. And at the opposite side, one workstation-class Xeon processor—not soldered in place. It’s too early to say how feasible a CPU upgrade might be—the chip appears to be custom-made for Apple by Intel. But upgrades seem at least theoretically possible.”

“Hovering near the SSD slots, we have two custom Apple chips: Apple T2 339S00467 layered over SK Hynix H9HKNNNBRUMUVR-NLH LPDDR4; Apple 338S00268 — this chip’s a bit of a mystery,” iFixit writes. “In our initial excitement we thought it was the rumored A10 Fusion coprocessor, first seen in the iPhone 7, but the package size is too small (roughly 7.4 mm each side).”

Apple's all new iMac Pro staring at $4999, available in December 2017

Apple’s all new iMac Pro staring at $4999, available in December 2017

Apple's all new iMac Pro with rear case removed

Apple’s all new iMac Pro with rear case removed

“Best guess: this is an Apple/Dialog Semi power management IC,” iFixit writes. “The successor to the T1 chip introduced in 2016’s MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, the T2 is tasked here with all the functions of the SMC, image signal processing for the camera, audio control, and SSD controller, and Secure Enclave, and a hardware encryption engine.”

Tons more to read and see in the full illustrated article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Plus the beast goes back together, too!

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