“For a very long time, I considered upgradability to be a non-negotiable aspect of any computer I bought. As long time readers will know, I used to love the 17-inch MacBook Pro,” Ben Lovejoy writes for 9to5Mac. “The moment I bought it, I immediately upgraded both the RAM and the hard drive. Further down the road, I upgraded the hard drive again, and also swapped out the optical drive for a second one. Later still, I swapped out both hard drives for SSDs.”

“So, instinctively, the idea of a non-upgradable machine aimed at professional users feels wrong,” Lovejoy writes. “But I think there are a few counterpoints to this view… First – and this is a crucial one – Apple wouldn’t be making a machine that nobody wants. A lot of people absolutely love the iMac form-factor, and that includes a lot of professional users. They love the convenience of an all-in-one machine. They love the fact that, while it isn’t exactly portable, it is pretty easy to transport from place to place for on-location work. What many of them have asked for is a more powerful version of the iMac, and that’s exactly what Apple has given them.”

“Second, most people don’t need to upgrade their machines annually,” Lovejoy writes. “Not even most pro users.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we just oh-so-conveniently wrote:

There is a market for a sealed, very powerful Mac. Most professionals who will purchase the iMac Pro look at it in terms of cost per year. A $6,000 iMac Pro that will be used for the next 36 months and then “upgraded” simply by buying a new one is an expenditure of $2,000 per year or less than the cost of a well-equipped MacBook Pro.

Of course, there is also a viable market for a true, modular, expandable Mac Pro.

Different tools for different users and different jobs.

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