“The iPhone X has only been shipping for a few weeks, but already we’re starting to learn what capabilities future iPhones may hold,” Christina Bonnington writes for Slate. “Oft-accurate Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities predicts that next year we’ll see three new iPhones, all of which will include TrueDepth camera-sensor technology. The new models are said to include an iPhone X follow-up and a larger 6.5-inch iPhone X–style handset. The third model, while like the iPhone X in appearance, would have a traditional LCD display instead of an OLED display. It’s also expected to come in at the typical iPhone price point of $649–$749.”

“With this tactic, Apple also gets its augmented reality–optimized phone into a greater number of hands before expanding the capability even further in 2019. Right now, Apple is limited. All those 3-D image-rendering augmented reality applications are only feasible with the front-facing camera,” Bonnington writes. “In coming years, however, Apple will expand its depth-sensing technology to the rear-facing camera, too.”

“According to Bloomberg, Apple is experimenting with a different laser-based method for bringing 3-D sensing to the iPhone’s rear camera,” Bonnington writes. “Set for inclusion in the 2019 iPhone, the method would use time-of-flight to calculate how long it takes for a laser to bounce off the objects in a scene and then use that information to build a 3-D image. With depth-sensing technology built into both of the phone’s cameras, the opportunity for game-changing augmented-reality applications grows exponentially.”

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