On Wednesday, “a report from Bloomberg offered a bit more information on the iPhone 8’s software interface, saying that the device will adopt the new dock interface used by the iPad on iOS 11,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac. “Now, new renders and a video show just what that could look like.”

“A new video (below) from developer Guilherme Rambo shows what that dock would look like and how the gestures could be used for multitasking, as well as the new multitasking interface,” Miller reports. “The dock showcased here shows the same recently opened section on the right side as the iPad, which static apps located on the left.”

“Separately, a render from Olivier Charavel showcases the new dock as well as the new thin tab at the bottom of the interface. This tab will let users quickly access the multitasking interface,” Miller reports. “Finally, new renders from designer Maksim Petriv further show how applications will look on the iPhone 8. With the notch cutout along the top, apps will conform around that and the updated status bar.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Now, turn the iPhone sideways and show us those lovely “ears” in landscape.

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