“Google’s new Android iteration — Android Oreo — was launched Monday, and the operating system promises a cleaner, efficient and most importantly better controlled usage with the new update,” Rishabh Jain reports for International Business Times. “The many background processes running on the current Android Nougat phone eat up battery and cause lags in everyday functioning of the device and the software.”

“But now the new iteration will give a feel similar to Apple’s iOS which prides itself on cleaner UI and more efficient functioning,” Jain reports. “Android Oreo comes with a background execution limit, which shuts the background processes of apps that are not in immediate usage.”

“This will not just save battery, but will also improve performance since the background processes and apps will not be hogging the RAM anymore,” Jain reports. “The new update will also limit broadcasts, which are done by the system itself when certain processes are initiated. Apple, uses a similar, decluttered way of functioning in its iOS operating system; therefore it is renowned for its cleaner and more efficient operating system as compared to Android, which has a reputation of being messy when it comes to background processes.”

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