Google’s Android ‘Oreo’ attempts to copy Apple iOS yet again

“Google’s new Android iteration — Android Oreo — was launched Monday, and the operating system promises a cleaner, efficient and most importantly better controlled usage with the new update,” Rishabh Jain reports for International Business Times. “The many background processes running on the current Android Nougat phone eat up battery and cause lags in everyday functioning of the device and the software.”

“But now the new iteration will give a feel similar to Apple’s iOS which prides itself on cleaner UI and more efficient functioning,” Jain reports. “Android Oreo comes with a background execution limit, which shuts the background processes of apps that are not in immediate usage.”

“This will not just save battery, but will also improve performance since the background processes and apps will not be hogging the RAM anymore,” Jain reports. “The new update will also limit broadcasts, which are done by the system itself when certain processes are initiated. Apple, uses a similar, decluttered way of functioning in its iOS operating system; therefore it is renowned for its cleaner and more efficient operating system as compared to Android, which has a reputation of being messy when it comes to background processes.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Google’s Android. Forever behind Apple’s iOS.

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  1. Considering how well Android integrates new ‘provider’ apps and allows the user to set the preferred App as default compared to iOS due to its architecture, background processes were bound to be an area of improvement. At the same time, how bold to claim ‘copying’ competing OSes when guilty of the same.

    Good to see competition forcing each other to constantly improve.

  2. I wonder if they licenced the name and graphic from Nabisco.

    Also, I wonder if they realize that the name has a racist context/slur Where I grew up and Oreo is black on the outside but tries to act like a whitey , sort of like a recent president.

    1. Please, do not opine on subjects you know nothing about. I also lived the slur you referenced and it is a slur. Maybe Obama was just acting like Obama. Just like when I was young, I was asked, why I acted white. It is not a matter of acting white. It is being yourself.

      Like Xennex says.

      1. Except Obama _is_ white. He is as much white as black based on his parents’ skin color. Isn’t it funny how we choose to define things? In older days of racism, a person with as little as 1/64 black ancestry would still be defined as “black”. But wouldn’t you think 63/64s was basically “white”? Crazy. But, anyway, who cares? It is not like being “black” (or Asian, or Jewish, or whatever) signifies a stain or any inherently negative characteristic. It is time we drop the whole pejorative human classification schtick. Skin color should be simply an objective description, like hair color.

        1. Obama _is_not_white. No whiter than I am and I am 35 percent scotch, irish and welsh with 12 percent eastern european.

          It’s funny, no one has ever claimed Obama was white until he was elected as President.

          But hey. I’m only .9% Neanderthal.

  3. I think all OSes copy features from each other. Isn’t that true of all products or services? It doesn’t really mean anything bad. Nothing is the world is completely unique for very long.

    Although, I prefer Apple things, saying that Android is forever behind iOS can’t possibly be true. There have to be some features on Android OS that are ahead of iOS because Apple takes its time implementing features to make sure things work as well as possible to meet their exacting standards or whatever.

    All Apple has to do is continue making hardware and software working hand-in-hand to make a better overall experience for users. That’s probably the only advantage Apple has over other smartphone manufacturers.

  4. If you’re going to name software after store-bought cookies, my first choice would be Chips Ahoy, for obvious reasons.

    And where underlying lines of code deviated from coding conventions, I’d suggest calling them Fudge Stripes.

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