“The latest 27-inch 5K iMac looks like its predecessors of years past, yet it packs enough innovation in display technology as well as power under the hood to be the most powerful Mac ever built,” Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla writes for Canadian Reviewer. “That is, until the Darth Vader-inspired iMac Pro finally ships at the end of the year.”

“Out of the box, the 5K iMac comes with a plug, the latest Apple Magic keyboard and mouse. That’s it. Plug the iMac and within 20 seconds you’re on you’re way. It’s been a while since I considered working on a desktop (oh, I do have one, but I don’t enjoy using it), this quickly changed with the 5K iMac,” Sevilla writes. “Once I entered my @icloud [information]… I suddenly had access to all the latest files and documents that I was working on in my daily driver MacBook. Talk about seamless… There’s absolutely no way you would experience this ease of use on Windows 10. Not with the endless necessary updates you need to install plus the hours worth of work just to delete included bloatware.”

“The large, immersive 27-inch display is so detailed and crisp that it is a joy to behold,” Sevilla writes. “The 27-inch Apple iMac with Retina 5K Display is singular in offering the very best performance combined with display innovation on an all-in-one Mac desktop today.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Seamless. Unmatched ease-of-use. Innovative. A joy to behold. The very best performance…

Sounds like somebody who’s used to Windows PCs just got a nice big glass of crystal clear ice water.

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