“In China, where Western-owned online services like Facebook and Google have long been blocked, Apple’s app store is a lucrative exception,” Amy Qin reports for The New York Times. “Apple offers gaming, dining and dating apps in a country where most rivals are locally owned — and where it can reap big fees from iPhone users.”

“That business is now facing a number of threats,” Qin reports. “The latest came this week, when a law firm representing more than two dozen app developers asked the Chinese authorities to investigate whether Apple’s app store policies violated local pricing and antitrust laws.”

“While it is not clear whether the government will respond, the call follows several other developments that have put a spotlight on the software and content that Apple offers in China,” Qin reports. “They include tighter regulations from the country’s censors and a high-profile public spat with a powerful and deeply connected Chinese internet giant, Tencent Holdings.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Where’s the monopoly when Apple iPhone are vastly outnumbered by crappy Android phones? If you don’t like Apple’s App Store terms and policies, go peddle your app for Android. Good luck!

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