“The clear choice for Mac users new to Linux is Elementary OS. It’s a Linux distribution with heavy Mac OS inspiration. Don’t call it a clone though, because that’s just not true,” Derrik Diener writes for AddictiveTips. “Instead, Elementary OS takes the good ideas from Mac OS and implements them with a twist. Those switching from the Mac should take notice.”

“The Elementary OS operating system is perfect for all types of Mac users. Be it power user or beginner, everything will feel at home,” Diener writes. “Everything will, to quote Apple, ‘just work.'”

“It is also worth mentioning that Elementary OS is based on Ubuntu, so the support for Apple hardware is hard to beat. Most devices, and drivers will have open source alternatives already in the Linux kernel,” Diener writes. “It’s hard to talk about Linux without mentioning Ubuntu. And with good reason! It is the most widely used Linux operating system out there. No others come close. Those coming from the Mac will feel right at home with Ubuntu, even though the two operating systems look and act totally different.”

Much more, including Solus and Trenta OS, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Elementary OS ships with a selection of apps that cater to users’ everyday needs. Elementary OS is distributed on a “Pay What You Want” model. More info here.

How to natively boot Linux on your Mac – September 9, 2013