Apple CEO Tim Cook gives brilliant advice for career success

“During a tour of India last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook got quite a few things checked off his to-do list, including meeting with Prime Minister Narenda Modi,” Marcel Schwantes writes for Inc. “He also strategically squeezed in an Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket match into his schedule.”

“Strategically, I say, because Cook foresaw three things to further Apple’s brand position in India: 1) Cricket is that country’s No. 1 sport. 2) The Indian Premier League’s broadcasts of its cricket matches frequently reach millions of viewers. A good number of them fit into Apple’s younger demographics. 3) While Apple’s global brand is strong, its brand awareness is very low in India. One research estimates nearly half of all Indians are unaware of the iPhone or even know who Apple is,” Schwantes writes. “Knowing this, Cook took to the sidelines of an electrifying Cricket match with a packed house in Uttar Pradesh, and was interviewed by sportscaster Alan Wilkins.”

Wilkins asked, “‘We have a lot of young viewers… if you had three key points for personal success from the chief executive officer from Apple, what would you say to our young viewers?'” Schwantes writes. “Cook’s brilliant response: ‘Do what you love, and put your whole heart into it, and then just have fun.'”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Before we suffer any New-Agey overdoses, it also helps if doing what you love pays well.


  1. There are many things that people love to do, but none of them will generate a paycheck or enough income to live on. Even where something you love has the potential to generate a significant income, way to many people probably could not deal with the amount of time and effort required to make it work.

    Tim’s thinking is typical Liberal and progressive thought, but it rarely ever works that way..

    1. Typical narrow-minded, lazy perspective. People expect SO much for NOTHING. GET YOUR ASS TO WORK!

      Just because you’re too unimaginative to monetize your passion doesn’t mean no one can. There are MYRIAD examples of passion-first leading to MASSIVE personal income. I know no less than a dozen people who make 6-7 figures a month having done just that.

      You are the average of the 5 people with whom you spend the most time. I’m guessing, you’re the one dragging down the group average.

    1. Steve used slightly different wording – “follow your passion” rather than “do what you love,” but the message is the same.

      MDN praised Steve Jobs (e.g., links to Stanford commencement address), but makes fun of Tim Cook for saying basically the same thing. Hypocrisy.

  2. Well…first take a gender or racial position. Then whine how unfair it is as an under-privileged non-white sector of society. Now take advantage of social engineering that unfairly implements hiring practices that go against skill and proficiency levels in Lew of diversity in the work place. Upon hiring, slowly undertake a stance that suggests a discriminatory barrier has been applied to you. Through Human Resources policies, use this phantom discrimination to attain a grievance decision which then elevates you and forever taints the persons accused. Upper management is now within your grasp.

  3. It also helps if you are actually *good* at doing what you love. Pretty empty advice, in my opinion. I also must say that his cultural observations are about as shallow as one can get. Indian people love cricket, masala, and diabetes! Americans love baseball, Chipotle, and diabetes! Yes, so very IMAGINATIVE (and lacking in empathy). :/ The more time that goes by, the less I am surprised that Apple has been in a downward spiral (philosophically, not financially. In fact, a business nugget he left out: massive profit is possible when you pander to the lowest common denominator) for the past number of years. I say that with a touch of sadness rather than cynicism, too. Sigh.

  4. Realize that most good things in life—relationships, a decent job, or a highly developed talent for anything—usually require quite a bit of work, dedication, and discipline.

    Delayed gratification is pretty important in most of these discussions.

  5. No wonder your country is in such a shitstorm. Your conservatives/alt-right whatevers have so little vision. If it weren’t for the creativity of the liberal-minded, you twats would be nothing. That could probably be said of most democracies, but some of you Yanks seem hell-bent on proving to the world just how ignorant you truly are. Piss off!

  6. It’s easy: Get yourself rich parents, learn English, go to the best schools, go to the best university, get the highest marks, get a US visa, then work for the 0.0001% of jobs available in Silicon Valley.
    The illiterate and starving have only themselves to blame

  7. Worst advice ever. So Cook loves supply chain mismanagement? Do what you’re good at, what you truly love isn’t going to get you paid. Easy to tell people to just have fun when you’re worth $700+ mil Tim!

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