Apple releases iOS 10.3.3

“Apple today released iOS 10.3.3 to the public following several weeks of beta testing with six betas provided to developers and public beta testers. iOS 10.3.3 comes more than two months after the launch of iOS 10.3.2, a minor bug fix update,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors.

“No outward-facing changes or features were discovered during the short beta testing period,” Clover reports, “so it appears iOS 10.3.3 focuses on bug fixes, security enhancements, and other minor improvements, much like iOS 10.3.2.

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      Apple has shared detailed notes covering the bug fixes that were introduced in iOS 10.3.3. Among the fixes is an update for a major vulnerability that would have allowed hackers to execute code on the Broadcom Wi-Fi chip built into many iOS devices. This issue was also previously addressed in iOS 10.3.1.

  1. Unfortunately, the zoomed display bug is still there.

    Settings/Display & Brightness/ View Zoomed.

    This setting is missing on all new iPad Pros 2016 & 2017.

    This is a real bummer – I used this feature extensively.

    Because of this I just returned a 2nd gen 12.9 with 512gb storage.

  2. The Good:

    A. Phone runs faster
    B. Battery drain is less (so far)
    C. Certain apps don’t crash after being invoked and in-use for more than a few minutes
    D. Siri doesn’t crash phone (so far)

    The Bad:

    A. Persistent cookie problem still exists in Safari. Certain cookies do not delete, even when manually trying to delete the cookies.

    1. One imagines, Khadija, that it’ll be available in Tunisia (as everywhere else), when iOS 11 is rolled-out worldwide.

      It makes sense that it’s released to all territories gradually (to avoid every iOS device on the planet collapsing the upgrade servers).

      I hope this helps!

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