“I’d be quite content if I never again heard the Intel ‘bong’ at the end of every PC ad,” Ken Segall writes for Observatory. “I’d also be terminally depressed if I had to look at a gaudy Intel Inside sticker every time I opened my MacBook.”

“Thankfully, Macs have remained 100% free of Intel branding since Apple adopted its processors way back in 2006,” Segall writes. “We have Steve Jobs’s sensibilities to thank for this. But how it all happened is a fun little story.”

“In 2006, hell officially froze over,” Segall writes. “With his eye on the future, Steve Jobs did the unthinkable. He announced that Apple was transitioning to Intel processors.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Thank God for Steve Jobs and his legendary attention to detail. He saved us from indignities large and small!