“Apple Inc.’s Apple Watch has been what is probably best described as a modest success. On the plus side, it has absolutely dominated the smartwatch industry, leaving casualties like Pebble in its wake,” Brad Moon writes for InvestorPlace. “Apple Watch sales have been strong enough to disrupt the entire wearable market, causing headaches for long-time leaders like Fitbit Inc.”

“When AAPL launched the Apple Watch in 2015, many analysts were predicting big numbers. Some expected Apple Watch sales for the first year could top 40 million. Apple never released official figures, but industry estimates put the actual number at 12 million,” Moon writes. “That’s better than anyone else selling a smartwatch (by a long shot), but not the kind of numbers to represent a meaningful revenue boost for AAPL.”

“The FDA just announced its new Digital Health Innovation Plan, and it could change everything. Noting that digital technologies used in consumer devices ‘have the power to transform health care,’ the agency is trying to streamline the process needed for FDA approval,” Moon writes. “In short, being able to avoid the current FDA certification and gaining medical monitoring capabilities could see the potential market for AAPL explode, with Apple Watch sales taking off.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If Apple achieves the holy grail for treating diabetes, non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring, Apple Watch would instantly become the essential device for hundreds of millions of people with diabetes.

According to the International Diabetes Federation:

International Diabetes Federation facts: Number of people with diabetes worldwide

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