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On November 12, 2016, “Apple introduced the first iteration of its MacBook Pro with Touch Bar,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “Microsoft soon put Touch Bar support in Office for Mac apps. I’ve used both for several months and with a new Touch Bar Mac now available and Microsoft’s implementation clearly past beta, I thought it might be useful to discuss my experience using both together.”

“Apple’s new computer received overwhelmingly positive reviews when introduced,” Evans writes. “It’s certainly not the cheapest laptop you can buy, but in the months I’ve used one I’ve been consistently impressed by its stability, performance, and superb high-resolution display.”

“I’ve become very used to using Touch Bar in Office apps (most particularly, Word and Excel). These apps have been around a very long time, and they are utterly stacked with settings, controls and other features,” Evans writes. “Touch Bar shines in this situation because it changes in response to what you are doing. This makes it possible to get things done in a click or two that may have taken multiple clicks to find and run within the standard Mac user interface – no mouse required.”

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  1. I never use the touch bar in any application. But the touch id is the most valuable feature of the MBP with touchbar. I use this 10+ times a day and its a pleasure to login without endlessly typing passwords.

    1. I am surprised that you have not used it in any app. I bought my MacBook Pro with Touch Bar on December 26 and have found it to be wonderful. In every program that takes advantage of the Touch Bar, I find myself using the helpful keys that pop up. On my previous Macs, I only used the function keys to adjust volume, screen brightness or keyboard brightness. Now, I use this same real estate constantly.

      I understand that some people think it is a gimmick, but I find that it genuinely improves my workflow. As for Office, I use Filemaker Pro and iWork for most Office tasks.

    1. iWork can’t do what Office does. If iWork suits your needs you obviously don’t require the performance, power, and sophistication of Office. Still, be happy with your limited capacity software. If it serves your purpose, be glad. Realize, that some people find iWork severely limited and practically worthless.

      1. Maybe you just haven’t learned how to use iWork fully and completely. The learning curve cab be a bit steep. Not everyone is able to become proficient with iWork. Give iWork and yourself some time, you will be thankful.

        1. iWork can only do half that Office can. It’s not iWork’s learning curve it’s iWork’s limited capacity that determined I would not be a productive with iWork and I am with Office.

          I see you liked my post so much you copied it. Or, perhaps, you lack the wit to write something wholly yours. I’m thinking you aren’t capable of an original thought.

  2. Microsoft Office? Really? Until Microsoft make it look and behave like a proper Mac app, I’m not interested.The price would also have to come down significantly – like to $10 for a perpetual license.

    1. Maybe you just haven’t learned how to use Office fully and completely. The learning curve cab be a bit steep. Not everyone is able to become proficient with Office. Give Office and yourself some time, you will be thankful.

  3. There has never been a time that I needed Office to do something that iWork couldn’t do. Except for one time when someone needed a table with over 100 columns so he could make a bar graph, and I showed him a quicker and better way in iWork, and he said “you can do that?!” But unfortunately, because of regulations, it still “needed” to be a ridiculous Office table…

    1. Exactly. iWork does what you need, but Office does more for me than iWork ever could. So, yes, I understand. You need something simple and easy to use. Good for you.

      1. Excel jockeys are quickly going extinct – hope you’re teaching yourself something more in demand than last century’s office suite tricks that even the lowliest computer retard already knows and isn’t even worth considering for minimum wage employment. MS office related jobs these days should only now exist in low-paid India or Bangladesh.

  4. The only thing I seem unable to do in pages is run a macro.

    Overall I much prefer pages to word, however, I need to paste a template with the current date… for a repetitive entry in a single file.

    Can pages do that?

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