“Apple’s new store in Dubai is one of the first of a complete retail overhaul — one that will make Apple the new Starbucks, Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s senior vice president of retail, told ‘CBS This Morning’ on Tuesday,” Anita Balakrishnan reports for CNBC. “The new store format will have spaces for classes and meetings, new screens and hardware and ‘Genius groves,’ a tree-lined area where the ‘Genuis Bar’ once was. In addition to traditional IT services, creative professionals like photographers will also be on-site, Ahrendts said.”

“The new educational programming at the stores will be called ‘Today at Apple,’ and is designed to put Apple Stores on the map as a meeting place for the next generation, akin to the coffee shops that have become de facto offices for many of today’s creative professionals, Ahrendts said,” Balakrishnan reports. “‘I think we’ve always been this energy hub, if you will,’ Ahrendts said. ‘We are just empowering teams to take it further.'”

“Ahrendts, who joined Apple in 2014 after serving as CEO of Burberry, said that while she told Cook she’s ‘not a techie,’ she thinks that she was chosen for the post thanks to her leadership skills,” Balakrishnan reports. “‘My dad used to say, ‘I can teach you anything, but I can’t teach you to feel and to care,” Ahrendts said. ‘There’s 7 billion people, it’s not about you … When they open up and you’re both open, you can dream and come up with incredible things together.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Ooh, lattes for everyone at the Barista Grove! (Shoulda kept the “Bar,” you navel-gazing over-thinkers you.)

Seriously, Apple Stores are not going to compete with coffee shops in the race to create “de facto offices for many of today’s creative professionals” without coffee, food, and comfortable seating.

You really want to take it to another level? Two words: Liquor license.